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Vouchers and voucher codes are tickets that buyers can use to buy goods and services at a discounted price. They can be used to save money on a product or they can grant free goods and services when redeemed within the given terms and conditions of the voucher. Vouchers allow buyers to save money because they offer free discounts, coupons and more money-off deals that help you make savings when shopping.

What types of vouchers are available and where can I get them?

Vouchers are available on printed paper or digitally. Some typical examples of vouchers include percentage-based discounts such as saving 10% at a specific shop or restaurant, 2 for 1 deals where buyers buy two products for the price of one or free gifts with purchase where buyers are required to spend a certain amount of money in order to receive a free gift.

Shoppers can get vouchers at physical food and dining places, retail shops and stores or other service businesses. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites and apps that offer top deals, discounts codes, coupons and vouchers that can be used when shopping online for products and services including fashion, financial services, media, hotels and travel or food. Sometimes these websites and apps also offer vouchers that you can print out and present at brick and mortar businesses to get the discounts. FLIO is an example of an airport app that offers its users a plethora of vouchers and coupons to save money on food, beverage and fashion items at the airport.  

Where can I redeem vouchers at the airport?

At airports, travelers can use vouchers and discounts codes to save money while shopping before their flight. Voucher codes can be redeemed at the airport at food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, bars or coffee shops as well as shopping outlets, retail shops, duty-free stores, and other service points including hair and nail salons, spas, dentists and more.

What are duty-free shops?

Duty-free shops are retail stores at airports where travelers can buy products that are exempt from local or national taxes and duties. In other words, travelers at duty-free shops can buy products for cheaper prices than at other retail shops inside or outside of the airport because they are not paying for the country’s sales or VAT taxes. Beware that duty-free shops do not always sell at cheaper prices though.

Duty-free shops are located after security and passport control at airports.

Duty-free shops sell products such as perfumes, cosmetics, food, chocolate, alcohol, and cigarettes at tax-free prices, making it a great opportunity to snap up some bargains before take-off. 

Is it cheap to shop on the plane?

Most fliers know that buying food or other goods on the airplane is not cheap and that is why they try to use vouchers, deals and coupons to save money when shopping at the airport. To avoid high airplane costs, most travelers resort to buying food in the airport or buying products at duty-free stores, especially if there are any vouchers or discount codes available to save extra money and this is where FLIO comes into play. 

Vouchers & discounts with the FLIO app - how does it work?

FLIO excels at providing world travelers a wide selection of top deals, vouchers, discounts codes and other benefits on food, beverage and retail shopping at the airport.

When registering in the app, you will be able to save money with shopping vouchers and coupons when you download the voucher and present the code at restaurants, retail shops, duty-free stores, and other service points at the airport to instantly get the discount.

With FLIO, you will also receive push notifications, if you have them activated, about new shopping or food discounts and coupons when travelling to the airport. This way, you will have an overview of the best deals at the airport and can make informed shopping plans in advance. No matter where you are flying from/to, stay up-to-date on the latest shopping and food offers at the airport and benefit from almost 150 voucher codes at more than 50 airports worldwide.

In addition to offering a wide range of in-airport shopping vouchers and coupons, FLIO users also have the unique opportunity to perform in-app purchases of services such as airport parking, hotels, lounges, fast lane access, car rentals and urban transportation tickets, which simultaneously allow travelers to save precious time and money before even entering the airport.

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