Eppley Airfield

Omaha, US


Getting into the city

Cab or Uber

Arriving at Omaha, you have two options: Cab it or take an Uber.

If you arrive at slow hours, call a cab: +1-402-333-8294

The good thing: Eppley Airfield is only 8 miles from downtown, if you don't run into traffic, it takes you only 15 minutes.

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Getting around the airport


Eppley Airfiled is super simple, the one thing that could go wrong: 

If you enter security at either the A Gates or the B Gates,
you can't walk between the two concourses. 

So just make sure you are at B (left hand side) when entering the building or A (right hand side)

For the major airlines:

Concourse A:

- American

- Delta

Concourse B:

- United

- Southwest

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Omaha Steaks

before departures

Not for vegetarians:

In the US, Omaha Steaks is a leading brand for steaks.

Here at Eppley Airfield, you can buy your choice of steak prior to departing.

You will find sales booths on the way to the A and B concourses.

Be sure to leave some space in your hand luggage if you want to do so.

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Power outlets

Many available

Omaha has upgraded their power outlet capacities in the last years so now there are many sockets available in the waiting areas for the gates.

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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

One thing to love about Eppley Airfield is the close proximity of the rental car pick up and return.

Rental car counters are located near door 3 on the ground (arrivals) level.

To get to the rental car park, use door 5 on arrivals level.
Rental car pick up and return are conveniently on the ground floor and can be reached via a covered walkway.

No shuttle required.

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