Portland International Airport

Portland, US


Getting around the airport


Portland International Airport is located 12 miles northeast of downtown Portland. The passenger terminal complex is an integrated terminal with 5 concourses: Concourses A, B, C, D, and E.

  • The terminal forms an ‘H’ shape. Ticketing (upper level) and baggage claim (lower level) are in the centre while Concourses A, B, and C are referred to as the South Terminal and Concourses D and E are part of the North Terminal
  • Landside, behind ticketing on the main level is the Oregon Market, which has restaurants, shops, and markets.
  • Between North and South Terminals is the airside concourse connector, which runs from gate D1 to gate C2.
  • International Arrivals go to Concourse D to complete passport control and customs. Passengers then take a shuttle bus to the baggage claim level opposite carousel E.
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Getting into Portland

Light Rail, Shuttles, Taxi

Light Rail

The MAX light rail Red Line is the easiest way to travel to and from the airport. The trip takes approximately 40 minutes and tickets cost USD 2.50. Trains depart approximately every 15 minutes.

South Terminal, Concourse B, landside, lower level, next to south baggage claim area (turn right at bottom of escalator)
Hours: 04:45-23:50


The average taxi fare from the airport to downtown is USD 35 before gratuity. The one way trip takes 20-40 minutes. Taxis are in the centre section of the airport terminal’s lower roadway outside of baggage claim.


The Downtown Airport Express by Blue Star runs every 30 minutes and costs USD 14 one-way to down town and Lloyd Center/Convention Center hotels. Contact them for service before 08:00: info@bluestarbus.com.

Main Terminal, landside, lower level road way outside baggage claim, far side of Island #2
Hours: 08:00-00:30

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Food Trucks at PDX

Different Cuisines and Styles

Portland Airport has its own food truck corner. The food trucks are representative for eating in Portland and on the whole west coast. The lineup of trucks changes so you never know exactly what kinds of food you'll be able to buy, but pretty much all of them are good. The food trucks are located landside in the main terminal, right in the central area.

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Three airline lounges

Alaska Airlines Board Room

Conference room available.

Concourse C, airside, across from gate C5
Hours: 05:00-23:00 

Delta Airlines

Concourse D, airside, between gates D5 and D7
Hours: 05:00-22:40 Sun, Mon, Wed-Fri; 05:00-22:25 Tues; 05:00-18:40 Sat 

United Club

Concourse E, airside, across from gate E1
Hours: 04:30-23:00

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Power outlets

Concourse service centers

Mobile device power charging stations are located in the service centers of Concourse A, C, and D:

Concourse A, airside, gate A2

Concourse C, airside, gate C4 and gate C14

Concourse D, airside, gate D7

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Download films and TV shows

Digiboo Download Kiosk

If you’re stuck at the airport, you can use the Digiboo kiosks to download movies and TV shows directly to any tablet, smartphone, or laptop 24 hours a day. Look for the orange kiosks. 

Concourse C, airside, Gate C10 
Concourse C, airside, Gate C13
Concourse C, airside, Gate C14
Concourse C, airside, Gate C15

Concourse D, airside, gate D4

Concourse C, airside, gate E2

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Not available at this airport

Showers are not available at this airport. 

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Save on Your Car Rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

If you’re hiring a car, head to the ground transportation area. On-site rental companies are located in the parking garage across from baggage claim on the lower level of the main terminal.

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Long and Short Term Parking

Short-Term Parking

Conveniently located next to the terminal, this lot has more than 3,300 public parking spaces. Garage clearance is 8 feet except where posted. A skybridge on level 4 and tunnels connect the garage to the terminal. Six Electric vehicle charging stations are located on the fourth floor of the garage near the south skybridge.

Cost: $3/hr, $27/day

Long-Term Parking

The garage offers more than 3000 covered parking spaces, conveniently located near the airport terminal building. Tunnels and moving sidewalks connect the seven-story garage to the terminal. Garage clearance is 8 feet except where posted.

Cost: $3/hr, $21/day


The 7900-space Economy Lot is located near I-205 off of Airport Way. The lot has red and blue bus routes, which correspond to color-specific parking shelters. A staffed exit plaza serving the entire economy lot operates 24/7 and accepts both cash and credit cards. There is also a credit card only exit. Free parking shuttles run regularly to the main terminal every 7-9 minutes from 4:00 a.m. to midnight, and every 15 minutes from midnight to 4:00 a.m.

Parking shuttles drop off and pick up passengers at the terminal's baggage claim/lower level. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

Cost: $3/hr, $10/day - 7th day FREE

Payment Methods 
PDX accepts cash, debit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

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