Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport (T1)

Madrid, ES


Getting around the airport

Four terminals, with shuttles

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport lies 13km north-east of the city centre, and Europe's largest airport (together with Paris-Charles de Gaulle). It's a large, busy airport with four terminals (1-4), plus a satellite terminal (4S) over 2km away.

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are connected in one building and have continuous gate numbers (A1 to E89).

Terminals 4 and 4S are in huge, separate buildings and with separately numbered gates (H, J, K in Terminal 4 and M, R, S, U in 4S). 

Distances can be long, so leave plenty of time to get your flight, and note that seating is limited.

Handy colour-coding

To make it easier to navigate the airport, direction signs (within the airport and on the approach road) to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are colour-coded.

Terminal 1 signs are orange, Terminal 2's are green and Terminal 3's are red. 

Shuttle bus between terminals

To get from Terminals 1-3 to Terminal 4, take the free shuttle bus. This runs 24 hours a day from outside Arrivals and Departures. Journey time is around 15 minutes from Terminal 1 to 4. It also travels to the low-cost car park.

Shuttle train to Terminal 4S

Take the driverless, underground shuttle train to get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 4S: a distance over 2km. It runs every three minutes and the journey takes 10 minutes. 

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Getting into Madrid

Efficient underground connections

There are a number of options to get to Madrid. We recommend taking the Metro, because it's cheap and direct. Watch out for pickpockets though, this is a favourite hangout.


For central Madrid, take line 8 (pink) to Nuevos Ministerios in the heart of the financial district – a 15-minute journey. You can then change to line 10 or 6 if necessary. Trains leave every five to 15 minutes from 06:00-02:00.

Cost: EUR 5 (including airport supplement)
Buying tickets: Machines in the stations (cash and card)
Location: Stations at Terminal 2, Level 0 and Terminal 4, Level -1

There is also another private train company that offers service from and to MAD airport (Terminal 4). It's called Renfe. It is cheaper and often also faster than the regular metro.

Cost: EUR 2.60
Buying tickets: Machines in the stations (cash and card)
Location: Stations at Terminal 4, Level -1


There is now a fixed rate to the city centre (inside the Calle 30 ring road), so don't pay more than that. Walk past anyone offering you a taxi in the terminal building and head to the official ranks outside. Official taxis are white with a red stripe and the coat-of-arms of Madrid City Council on the doors. 

Cost: EUR 30 fixed rate (a minimum of EUR 20 for journeys)
Location: Ranks at arrivals and departures levels in Terminals 1, 2 and 4, and arrivals level at Terminal 3


The bright yellow Exprés Aeropuerto (Airport Express shuttle bus) is a good option if you arrive late at night and the Metro isn't running. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and journey time is 40 minutes. Buses leave every 15 minutes during the day (06:00-23:30) and every 35 minutes at night, stopping at three points:

  • Calle O’Donnell (connect with Metro Line 6 and city bus services)
  • Plaza Cibeles (Metro Line 2, city buses and night buses)
  • Atocha mainline station (Metro Line 1, city buses, and suburban, long distance and high speed trains)

Note that it only stops at Plaza Cibeles at night.

Cost: EUR 5 one-way
Buying tickets: On the bus
Location: Outside Arrivals at Terminals 1, 2 and 4

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Go to gates early

There can be long walks

Your boarding pass will show three letters signifying areas of the airport, like HJK, meaning your flight could arrive at any one of these three separate areas. Gates are only displayed and not announced over tannoy, so keep an eye on those screens.

Finally, Madrid Airport is huge, so leave at least 25-30 minutes to take the shuttle or walk to your gate.

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Medical centres

No appointment required

Madrid Airport offers 24-hour medical centres.

Terminals 2, arrivals, landside, floor 0

Terminal 4, arrivals, landside, floor 0

Terminal 4S, boarding area M, airside, floor 0 

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The very best espresso

Espression Lavazza

If you’re a fan of great coffee, then head for Espression Lavazza

Open from 5.10 am to 10.00

Terminal 1, Departures level on Floor 1, Boarding Area C.  

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Cibeles Lounge

This lounge offers food and drinks, newspapers, Wi-Fi, relaxation area, showers, other services. Lounge reserved for non-Schengen flights. Pay at the door EUR 26,50.

Terminal T1, airside, departures, between gates B26 and B29.
Opening hours: 24 hours   

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Save on Your Car Rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Car rental companies are all located on the floor 0 of Terminal 1:


Openening hours: 07:00-02:00 daily


Openening hours: 07:00-02:00 daily


Openening hours: 07:00-01:00 daily


Openening hours: 07:00-02:00 daily


Openening hours: 07:00-01:00 daily


Openening hours: 07:00-01:00 daily

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Spanish origin guaranteed


If it’s Spanish Protected Designation of Origin products you’re searching for, Sibarium should be your first stop. Local and artisanal ham, cheese, wine, and sweets are just some of the tasty treats you’ll find here.

Terminal 1, after security, 1st floor Departures, Boarding Area B
Hours: 07:40-23:20

Terminal 2, after security, 1st floor Departures, Boarding Area D
Hours: 05:00-21:00 

Terminal 4, after security, 1st floor Departures, Boarding Area J
Hours: 06:15-22:15

Terminal 4S, after security, 1st floor Departures, Boarding Area R
Hours: 07:50-23:30

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Luggage storage

Keep your bags safe

Madrid Airport offers a number of luggage storage and locker services. EUR 5.42 a day to hire a large locker, EUR 4.92 for a medium-sized locker and EUR 4.22 for a small locker. Larger space is also available. For more information call +43 90 240 4704. 

Terminal 1, landside, in front of Hall 2

Terminal 1, landside, access corridor, floor 1

Terminal 2, landside, car park, floor 2

Terminal 4, landisde, arrivals hall, floor 0

Open 24 hours a day. 

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Power Outlets


The airport offers 80 usb points scattered around all the terminals of MAD airport to connect your phone or tablet.

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Not available at this Terminal

There are no public showers available. 

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VAT refunds

Terminals 1, 4, 4s

Madrid Airport has three offices which will stamp your goods to ensure you pay no VAT on goods you’ve bought in the EU.

Terminal 1, departures, after security, floor 1
Hours: 7:00-22:30

Terminal 4, departuers, after security, floor 2 
Hours: 7:00-22:30

Terminal 4S, boarding area, after security, floor 2
Hours: 24 hrs 

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