Sheremetyevo International Airport (E & F)

Moscow, RU


Getting around the airport

Six terminals in two buildings

Moscow's Sheremetyevo is the largest of three airports serving the Moscow area. It lies around 29km north-west of Moscow and is a hub for Russia's international airline, Aeroflot.

There are two terminal buildings, each hosting three terminals:

  • South terminal building: Terminals D, E and F. The main passenger departures and arrivals area. It's highly likely you'll arrive here. This building contains the train station.
  • North terminal building: Terminals A, B and C. Of these, it's most likely you'll arrive at Terminal C, which is mainly used for charter flights. Terminal A is for business aviation, and Terminal B is under construction.
  • A free shuttle bus takes you between the terminal buildings from 06:55-00:55.
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Getting into Moscow

Take the Aeroexpress

We recommend taking the train, as taxis can take a long time to get into Moscow and be very expensive. There is the option of bus plus Metro, but, while cheap, can be a difficult journey.


Aeroexpress trains take you to Belorussky Station in the city centre in around 30 minutes. From here, you can transfer to the Metro. Trains leave every 30 minutes from 05:00-00:30, and are Wi-Fi.

Cost: RUB 500 at the station, RUB 420 online (RUB 560 for Aeroexpress plus Metro ticket)
Location: Station in main terminal building, near Terminal F


This can be a good value option if there are three or four of you in a group. Be aware that there's only one road in and out of the airport and travellers have reported spending four hours in traffic to make the 29km journey. Allow at least 1.5 hours for your journey and only use official taxi desks, available in the arrivals area.  

Cost: RUB 1,500-2,500 (you can try and negotiate)

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Expect multiple controls

This is a high-security airport

Don't delay going through security: you may face up to four controls for your passport and luggage. It's best to get to your gate and relax once you’re there. Be aware that you won’t be able to take liquids through security, even if you purchased them at the airport.

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Three options to relax

Galaxy Lounge

Bar, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers, showers, smoking area and other services. One time pass RUB 2500.

Terminal E, airside, departures, level 2, opposite Gate 39

Opening hours: 24 hours

All Star Lounge

Food and beverages, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers and other services. One time pass RUB 2500. 

Terminal F, airside, departures, level 3, opposite Gate 52

Opening hours: 24 hours

Classic Lounge

Food and beverages, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers and other services. One time pass RUB 2500.

Terminal F, airside, departures, level 2, near Gate 42

Opening hours: 24 hours

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Leave your bags while you explore

Airport luggage room

If you’d like explore Moscow without the excess baggage, you can leave your items in the Luggage Room on the first floor of Terminal F. The fee is RUB 600 for a period of 8 to 15 days; should you need your items sooner, the cost will amount to RUB 500 for the first day and RUB 300 for every following day.

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Long layover and no transit visa?

SVO Capsule Hotel

You won’t be able to leave the airport without a Russian transit visa and if you have a long layover, your only option is to stay in an airport hotel. The SVO Capsule Hotel is located in the transit zone of Terminal E and rents the cruise-liner cabin style rooms for a minimum of 4 hours. Rooms start at RUB 2690 for an economy single.

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Power outlets

Go to dining areas

It can be hard to find outlets to charge your devices, but look along the walls and pillars throughout the terminals and you may find some. Also, look in bar/dining areas like Fosters and Burger King in Terminal E.

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Don't fall for taxi touts

Only use official taxis

In your rush to get out of the airport and on with your journey, you can be susceptible to cons from the taxi touts outside the airport. Instead, order a taxi from the desk in the airport terminal. A taxi into downtown Moscow should cost approximately RUB 1,500-2,500 (EUR 20-35).

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Save on Your Car Rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

All car rental offices are located in the arrivals hall of Terminal D. You can find companies such as: Avis, Europcar and Sixt.

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No transit visa?

You’ll have to stay at the Novotel

If you have a long layover in Moscow, or need a visa to enter Russia but haven’t organised one, your only option (other than sleep in the airport) is to stay at the Novotel hotel, 200m from Terminals D, E and F.

Report to the Transfer/Transit Without a Visa desk upon arrival and you will be escorted to the hotel in a private bus. You won't be able to leave the hotel and your hall will have a personal security guard who will collect you and other guests for your departure. This service starts at RUB 6,700 per night as part of the Aeroflot Bonus program. Contact the Novotel or your airline to book your room.

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Travelling with children

Play areas and more

Sheremetyevo is a very family-friendly airport, with good facilities, and numerous places to keep your kids entertained.

Play areas 

There are play areas to keep children (up to 7-years-old) occupied while waiting for a flight. All passengers need to have passport, ticket or boarding pass. Maximum stay is 24 hours. 

  • Terminal C, before security, Level 3, room № 3.126
  • Terminal D, after security, Level 2, Gates 14-15 and 17-18 
  • Terminal E, before security, Level 1, room №1.17
  • Terminal F, before security, Level 2, room №2.256

'Mother and child' room

There's a room for parents (not only mothers) with children (up to 7-years-old) to rest and play, with two bedrooms (containing a total of 25 beds), toilets, baby-changing rooms, shower, play area and kitchen. 

To gain access, you need passport, flight ticket and 'medical insurance' or health certificate from the first-aid areas in Terminals C, D or F. Entry is free and maximum stay is 24 hours (reduced to 3-4 hours at peak times).

Location: Terminal D, after security, Level 2
Contact: +7 926 533-21-57, ext. 1629

Free buggies

You'll find these in Terminal C, E and F to take some of the load off those little legs.

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History museum of Sheremetyevo

A good place to pass some time

If you have time to spare, children to entertain, a need for a quiet spot, or a need to take photos of planes, this is a great tip.

Secreted away on the fifth floor of Terminal F, this museum has over 300 exhibits charting the history of the airport from its opening in 1958. Browse through Aeroflot souvenirs, stories, pictures of famous visitors, models of the airport and aircraft, and (many say this is its best attraction) the impressive views of the airfield outside. 

See more here

Terminal F, Level 5
Hours: Mon-Thu 09:00-18:00, Fri 09:00-15:30. Sat-Sun closed
Contact: +7 (495) 578-80-42 or

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