Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Jakarta , ID


Getting around the airport


Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (known locally as Cengkareng Airport) lies 20km west of the city. It has three terminals: Terminals 1 and 2 are semicircular in shape and face each other. Terminal 3 is smaller and separate to the other two.

  • Terminal 1: Domestic flights. Leads to sub-terminals 1A, 1B and 1C.
  • Terminal 2: International flights and Garuda Indonesia domestic flights. Leads to sub-terminals 2D, 2E and 2F.
  • Terminal 3: International and domestic flights by Air Asia. 

There are taxi ranks and bus stops outside each terminal, and car rental agencies in Terminals 1 and 3.

Shuttle bus between terminals

A free shuttle bus service runs every 10 minutes from 05:10-23:00. Travel time is 10 minutes. Follow the blue ‘Passengers Using Buses and Taxis’ signs (in Terminal 2, take the lift up to Level 2). The buses have no storage for luggage and can get very full, so if you’re travelling at night or have heavy cases, it's better to take a taxi.

Future plans

The airport is running over capacity at the moment. To handle more passengers, Terminal 3 is being expanded into a U-shape, with construction due to be completed in 2016. A new Terminal 4 is planned, and is due to be completed in 2022. Construction is also underway on an automated people mover to take passengers between terminals more quickly.  

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Getting into the city

Only use reputable taxi providers

Unfortunately, there's no rail service to the airport: only bus and taxi options. As a result, your journey into the city is at the mercy of Jakarta's notorious traffic. We recommend taking a taxi - a reasonably cheap and comfortable option. 


The journey into Jakarta takes 45 minutes to two hours, depending on traffic. Make sure you choose a reputable taxi firm, though, and a taxi that uses a meter, to avoid being overcharged. Blue Bird (blue), Express (white), Taxiku (yellow) and Gamya (green) are known to be trustworthy.

You could also book your taxi at the counters outside Customs and you'll get a nice car and jump to the head of the queue.

Tip: To determine a good cabbie, ask “Argo?” (“Meter?”). If they say no, or “Tidak”, keep looking.

Cost: IDR 125,000-150,000 to the city centre (plus airport surcharge and road tolls), or around IDR 175,000 
Location: Blue Bird and others have booths outside Arrivals


There are several buses running from the airport. Take the Damri bus to Gambir Railway Station to get to the centre of the city - it's only a few minutes walk to Jaksa from there. Journey time is around 70 minutes.

Cost: IDR 40,000
Location: Bus stops outside all terminals: Terminal 1, Arrival; Terminal 2F, eastern wing of Arrivals; Terminal 3, Departures

Expect traffic jams

Always allow lots of extra time for unpredictable traffic when travelling into Jakarta. Journey times into the city range from 30 minutes at night to 90 minutes during rush hour and up to two hours if it’s raining and on Thursday and Friday evenings. Weekends are much quieter.

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Transit time

Expect at least 3 hours

Always leave at least 3 hours cushion between your international arrival time and domestic departure to allow for late arrival, queuing for a tourist visa (USD 35 from ‘Visa on Arrival’ counters in Terminals 2 and 3), queuing at immigration and customs, and queuing to pay the passenger service charge (IDR 40,000 for domestic flights and IDR 150,000 international).

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Luggage storage

Fesindo left luggage

Fesindo operates a left-luggage service at two locations at SHIA: in T2, next to Gate 1, Arrivals, in front of the Silver Bird taxi counter, and in T1, at Arrivals again, in front of the baggage carousel.

Buses into Jakarta don’t have holds, so if you’ve got heavy cases, you will need to drop them off. 
Costs from IDR 25,000 a day for a case weighing up to 10 kg to IDR 55,000 for an item weighing up to 50 kg, up to IDR 75,000 for sports gear. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Massage and shower

Taman Sari Spa at T2F

Try the Taman Sari Spa at the far end of Departures in Terminal 2F, just past the small Starbucks. They provide massage packages from about IDR 120,000 (USD 12), with slippers, a sarong, disposable underwear and towels included. A shower’s also included, and these aren’t provided free at the airport. 

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A round of golf

Cengkareng Golf Club

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport has an 18-hole course just to the left of the main gate of the airport, next to the Sheraton Bandara Hotel. A taxi will get you there in 10 minutes.
A round costs USD 60 (USD 75 at weekends) as a non-member; you can rent clubs there. You’ll need 9 hours layover to get over there, enjoy a game and make it back to the airport.

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Reduced overseas call rates

SIM cards

While in Indonesia, consider buying a SIMpati Telkomsel SIM card from the taxi counters by Customs in Arrivals. A Telkomsel SIMpati prepaid SIM costing IDR 25,000 (about USD 2.50) comes with IDR 5,000 in credits; an extra IDR 100,000 should last you two weeks. Ask the shop assistant to load the airtime for you as well, as all instructions are in Indonesian. Tip: dial 01017 before overseas numbers to get a reduced overseas call rate.

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  • El John Executive Lounge, domestic terminal 1B, airside, 2nd floor. 
  • El John Lounge, domestic terminal 1C, airside.
  • Premier Lounge, international terminal 2D, airside. Showers are available.
  • Pura Ingah First and Business Class Lounge, international terminal 2D, airside. Showers are available.
  • Mutiara Lounge, international terminal 2E, airside.
  • Batavia Lounge, international terminal 2D, airside.
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A space to relax

Fountain and garden area

Pass the time reading a book or get some fresh air in this beautifully-maintained garden area next to Terminal 2F.

The area also houses ticket booths for buses into Jakarta.

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Eat while recharging your phone

Red Lounge food court

Recharge your phone and gadgets while getting a bite to eat and doing some shopping. Head for the Red Lounge food court at the end of Terminal 1B. You’ll find free electrical plugs and chargers and several food stalls.

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Couches, cable TV and free electrical plugs

Open lounges

Terminal 3 is very comfortable to relax and recharge your batteries. It offers open lounges equipped with comfy couches, free electrical plugs and cable TV. There are also comfortable chairs on Level 2. The free shuttle bus will get you there in a few minutes.

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24-hour convenience store

In T1B

Get a cheap bottle of water or other necessities at the 24-hour convenience store at the Red Lounge food court.

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No food options

Eat before you check in at T1B

There's nowhere to buy food inside the waiting area in Terminal 1B other than a couple of vending machines selling soft drinks, so eat before checking in.

We recommend Food Cetera, located between 1B and 1C in T1. It offers a wide range of menu choices at 26 food stalls, cable TV and meeting rooms, air-conditioning and great Wi-Fi.

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Save on Your Car Rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Several car rental agencies are available. 

  • Golden Bird, Laks Prima Transport are located in terminals 1,2,3.
  • Liga Utama Indonesia has an agency desk in terminal 2.
  • Garuda Biru is located in terminal 2F.
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For an early morning flight

FM7 Resort Hotel

FM7 Resort is 15 minutes’ drive from the terminals, with well-organised free transfers to and from the airport and large, clean, well-insulated rooms. (Always book your outgoing shuttle when checking in, and staff will suggest the best shuttle to use in the morning, factoring in traffic and roads). A great base if you need to be at the airport early. Rooms from EUR 47.

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Only in lounges

Showers are available only in two lounges. 

  • Premier Lounge, international terminal 2D, airside. 
  • Pura Ingah First and Business Class Lounge, international terminal 2D, airside.
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