Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport

Tallinn, EE


Kiss & Fly Car Park Closed

Temporary replacement parking

The Kiss & Fly Car Parking area of Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport is currently closed due to construction work at the airport. However, there is a temporary replacement drop-off area set up alongside Tartu Highway or use car parks A2 or A4 for stops longer than 20 mins (temporarily extended from 15 mins).

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Child play area

Lotte´s Playland at the Airport

Next to Kalev's Candy and Toy Shop, at Gate 5, there is a big, fun Lotte's Playland.

Playland is overlooked by Lotte's three-storey playhouse to climb on and slide off. On the walls of the cottage, cartoons are shown – watched best whilst lounging on the bean bags placed specifically there. On the tables beside the cottage, sheets of drawing paper and coloured pencils are available for children, to relieve any travel anxiety and make passing the time more fun.

Mums and dads, too, will find a comfy spot to sit next to Lotte's playhouse, on the seats placed there with traditional Estonian patterns. But nobody will tell them to not lie down on the bean bags also and watch cartoons!

Come to the Terminal a little early, so that the younger members of your family, too, can enjoy the beginning of their trip to the full!

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