Denver International Airport - DEN

Denver, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

One main terminal leading to three concourses

Denver International Airport lies 40km north-east of downtown Denver. It has one main terminal, the Jeppesen Terminal, known for its peaked roof signifying both the Rocky Mountains and Native American teepees. 

The area before security in the Jeppesen Terminal is split into Terminal East and Terminal West and has six floors:

  • Levels 1-3: Lower parking levels
  • Level 4: Short- and long-term parking and passenger pick-up
  • Level 5: Baggage claim, security checkpoints, parking, taxi pick-up and drop-off, shuttles to car rental
  • Level 6: Check-in area, passenger drop-off

The terminal leads to 95 gates in three concourses:  

  • Concourse A: All International flights and some domestic ones
  • Concourse B: Only United Airlines flights
  • Concourse C: Mainly Southwest Airlines, some Alaska Airlines and Spirit Airlines flights
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Getting into Denver

Uber or A Line Train are good options

Taxis are readily available and offer fixed fares to the surrounding areas. However, rideshare companies Uber and Lyft also operate from the airport and can offer better prices. The airport also offers a direct train connection to Downtown Denver through the A Line Commuter Train.


The A-Line connects Denver International Airport with the Downtown Union Station. The ride takes 37 minutes and there are six stops in between. 

Location: South end of the Jeppesen Terminal, before security, level 1, the Denver Airport Station is located underneath the Westin Hotel & Transit Center
Cost: USD 9 per day, includes unlimited rides on the A Line only


You can pick up a taxi from the rank outside Arrivals. The journey time to Downtown Denver is around 30 minutes.

Location: Outside the Jeppesen Terminal, before security, arrivals 
Cost: USD 55.57 fixed rate to the Downtown Denver, USD 88.57 to Boulder


If you want to save some money and still travel in style, an Uber or Lyft service will arrive within 10 minutes.

Cost: Around USD 35-50 (plus USD 2.15 pick-up fee)
Location: Pick up at arrivals, Level 4, drop off at departures, Level 6


SkyRide bus services, operated by the local transport system RTD, are a decent, affordable option, and leave every hour (every 30 minutes at peak times) from 04:50-00:50. Take route AT to Downtown Denver and route AB to Boulder.

Location: West Terminal, Level 5, island 5, door 506
Cost: USD 9 one-way to Downtown Denver 

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Water bottle filling stations

On all concourses

Denver International provides four water bottle filling stations on each concourse. All stations are located in the centre of the concourse, and in each corner. 

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Head to the skybridge security checkpoint

Skip the long security lines

If you’re travelling from Concourse A, you can get through security faster by opting for the security check by the pedestrian bridge. The lines are shorter and if you’re a Frontier passenger, the bridge is faster than the tram to get to your gate. You’ll save time and be able to enjoy views of the Rocky Mountains and planes taxiing beneath you while you wait.

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Westin Denver International Hotel

A good layover option

The Westin Denver International Airport Hotel is conveniently located just steps away from the Jeppesen Terminal and access to concourse gate connections. It offers 519 soundproof rooms, a heated lap pool, hot tub and a fully equipped fitness center with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. The Grill & Vine restaurant is a modern grill and bar with a spacious terrace offereing a great view of the Rocky Mountains and the airfield.

From USD 185 per night. 

Location: Jeppsen Terminal, before security

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Power outlets

Try the chair plug-ins in Concourse C

There are hundreds of free electrical outlets located throughout Jeppesen Terminal and all three concourses. And there are dedicated battery charging stations with seating and work surfaces.

Passengers have reported that outlets are often broken. If you need a place to charge your tech, the chairs in Concourse C have outlets attached to them.

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Catch a sunset over the mountains

Head to Concourse C

The best view of the Rocky Mountains can be seen from the west side of Concourse C. On a clear day, you’ll see the mountains and a breathtaking sunset from the large windows at the end of the concourse.

West side of Concourse C, after security, near gates C23 and C24

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Travelling between concourses

Take the AGTS shuttle train

The distances between concourses are long, so the Automated Guideway Transit System (AGTS) shuttle train will help you get to your gate more quickly. You can walk from the main terminal to Concourse A, but you'll have to get the shuttle to Concourses B and C. There are four stations: in the Jeppesen Terminal (after security, baggage claim), and in the centres of Concourses A, B and C.

You can even see some artwork on the way as two interactive visual art exhibits have been installed on the tunnels.

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Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey

Learn about Colorado

Take a stroll through time with Denver’s “Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey”, a tunnel installation inspired by Colorado's industrial and social history and decorated with images drawn of mineshafts, a cave and deep space.

Jeppesen Terminal
Passenger Train Tunnel, West Side

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