El Dorado International Airport - BOG

Bogota, Colombia (CO)

Getting around the airport

Two terminals

Bogotá's El Dorado International Airport lies 15km north-west of the city centre and is the third busiest airport in Latin America, with a reputation for friendly staff and a modern, clean and efficient space.

It has two passenger terminals:

  • Terminal 1 (El Dorado Terminal): The main terminal building, with international and domestic concourses. Check-in, immigration, and customs are on the ground floor. Waiting rooms and emigration are on the first floor. The terminal has a healthcare branch of Fontibon Hospital and a large restaurant and shopping area. The airside eating facilities are limited, so it may be best to eat before you go through security.
  • Terminal 2 (Puente Aéreo (Air Bridge)): Serves regional and low-cost airlines Easyfly, Satena and VivaColombia. Located 1km from the main terminal.

A free shuttle bus takes you between Terminals 1 to 2 in around 15 minutes and runs every 20 minutes from 05:00-23:00. It leaves from Door 8, International Arrivals and public car parking in Domestic Arrivals.

The future

There are plans to build a second airport, El Dorado II, west of Bogotá, to handle increasing passenger numbers - due for completion in 2020. Both airports will ultimately be connected by train to the city. 

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Getting into Bogota

Taxi or Uber are the safest bets

The airport is near the city and taxis are reasonably priced and safer than buses (especially at night), so we recommend catching a cab.


Bogota Airport offers 700 licensed taxis (colored yellow and white), which will take you to the city centre in around 20 minutes. The meter starts at 25 ‘ticks’ (which is then calculated into a fare) so insist that the driver resets the meter and uses it on the journey. Estimated fares are usually posted on a laminated sheet on the taxi. 

Watch out: Some drivers may try to charge you a COP 40,000 flat rate - if so, you're being overcharged and should find another taxi. Returning to the airport, it's recommended to take a taxi at a hotel, rather than from the street.

Cost: COP 15,000-26,000 (no tip required)
Location: To the right of the International Arrivals terminal, near door 3
Tip: Download the app TAPPSI to order taxis during your stay in Bogotá, which will message you the name and license number of your driver (and a photo), and give you a price.


Uber operates an airport service for a flat rate.

Cost: COP 40,000


If you're traveling on a budget, you can catch the Transmilenio shuttle bus to the city centre buses are labeled 'Aeropuerto'. Journey time is around 40 minutes. For safety reasons, this option is not recommended at night.

Cost: COP 17,000-20,000

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Avoid paying departure tax

For stays under 60 days

If your stay in Colombia is under 60 days, you can get an Exento Impuesto Timbre Nacional form for free. This form gives you an exemption from the departure tax, which is COP 105,000 or USD 37 (current as of August 2015). Visit the Aeronautica Civil (Booth 19, near entrance 7) prior to checking in to request the exemption.

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  • Avianca Sala VIP, new international terminal, airside. Hours: 6:30-16:00, 19:00-22:30 daily.
  • Avianca Sala VIP, new international terminal, airside, 3rd floor, near gate 28. Hours: 6:30-16:00, 19:00-23:00 daily.
  • Avianca Sala VIP, Puente Aéreo, airside, 2nd floor. Hours: 6:30-16:00, 19:00-22:30 daily.
  • Sala VIP Lan, new international terminal, airside, 3rd floor, next to gates 34. Hours: 2:00-24:30 daily.
  • Sala Elite Copa Airlines Colombia, national terminal, airside, north wing, near gated 3 and 5
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Fontibón Hospital

In Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has a healthcare branch of Fontibón Hospital. Vaccinations for travellers are available everyday from 07:00-19:00. Vaccinations for Yellow fever, Measels, Rubella and Tetanus are free. For any more enquiries call: (+571) 486 00 33 (Bogotá).

Location: Terminal 1, second floor of the exit level 

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Nearby airport hotel

The Habitel Hotel

The Habitel Hotel is located less than a 5 minutes’ drive from the airport and receives excellent reviews for service and convenience. The hotel features a spa, fitness centre, free Wi-Fi, and three restaurants. There is a complimentary airport shuttle leaving every 15 minutes. Rooms are available from USD 109.

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