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Zwischenstopp & Entspannen

Time to spare

Visit Brighton

If you have six hours or more to spare, hop on the train to Brighton for just GBP 9.50 return. Trains go every 15 minutes all day long from Gatwick Airport, and the ride takes about 30-35 minutes via the beautiful, rolling South Downs and Sussex countryside.

Brighton has plenty of quirky stalls and shops to explore, mixed with vibrant sea air, and many young Londoner commuters and daytrippers. Visit the Victorian pier and the Royal Pavilion, and eat the best fish and chips in the country. Then get back to Gatwick in time for your flight.

This trip is recommended in the summer where you can get the full benefit of a nice day on the pebble beach (but it can be crowded in sunny weather).

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Good for a short trip

Make the most of your layover and explore another, quieter side of England in Horley.

Head for Gatwick Airport station, Platform 1, buy a ticket (GBP 2.80 return fare) and take the three-minute train ride to sleepy Horley. Trains run all day long, every 15 minutes.

Once there, grab a bite at the New Curry Bengal, around the corner from the station. You'll find friendly staff, always with a warm welcome. If you're upset about your flight being delayed, this place will cheer you up. The garlic chicken’s excellent. Then grab a pint at one of several excellent traditional English pubs. We like Ye Olde Six Bells on Church Road.

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'Where innovation meets comfort'

YOTELAIR offers very small but nicely designed cabins at reasonable prices. It calls it 'affordable luxury'.

It's in the public area of the terminal so you need to enter the UK before you can stay here. 

Location: South Terminal, before security, next to international arrivals
Cost: GBP 70 and 100/night
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

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Dayuse.com, a hotel room for the day

up to 75% off the price of an overnight stay

Whether it’s a long layover, a flight delay, or just the will to enjoy the infrastructure of a beautiful hotel, Dayuse.com invites you to book a day stay at one of our hotels located in the immediate proximity of the airport.

How does it work:

1/ Review the hotels available around the airport & the services they offer (spa, swimming pool, fitness, restaurant, and so on)
2/ Check their time slot availabilities (arrival & departure time within one day)
3/ Book your hotel and receive your confirmation
4/ Pay only at the check in
5/ Cancel at no cost until last minute


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