Haikou Meilan International Airport - HAK

Haikou, Hainan, China (CN)

Getting around the airport


Haikou Meiland International airport is located 25 kilometres southeast of Haikou city centre.

The airport has an International Terminal and a Domestic Terminal:

The International Terminal has one level. The Departures Hall is on the west side of the terminal with customs, security, transfer halls, and boarding gates. In the centre of the terminal is a courtyard with a restaurant. Arrivals is on the east side, with a single arrival gate, customs, and a welcoming hall.

The Domestic Terminal has two levels with Arrivals on Level 1 and Departures on Level 2. Arrivals has two halls on the east and west sides, with baggage claim and five exits. Departures has check-in halls and two security checks. Gates 1-11 are the east side, 20-28 on the west side, and 12-19, 40-43, and 50-54 are in the centre.

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Getting into the city

Bus, train or taxi

Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes to the Home Inn (formerly Civil Aviation Hotel) in the center of the city. Other stops are: Longfeng Hotel, East Bus Station, Hainan Provincial GovermentThe fare is RMB 20 (USD 3) for adults.

Main Terminal, landside, Arrival Hall, Gate C
Hours: 05:30-21:00

Public Bus

Two buses originate from the airport: The Number 21 to Baishamen Park and the Number 41 to DongFangYang via the East Bus Station. The fare is between RMB 2-5 (USD 0.30-0.75) depending on the distance travelled. 

Meilan Airport Railway Station, Entrance A
Hours: 06:00-23:00


A bullet train to Haikou East Railway Station can be accessed from Meilan Airport Railway Station, a ten-minute walk from the airport. There are 13 departures per day and the journey takes 9 minutes. Ticket fare is RMB 6.50 (USD 1) for first class and RMB 5.50 (USD 0.80) for second class.
All stops on the line are: Haikou Station, Haikou East Station, Haikou Meilan International Airport Station, Wenchang, Qionghai, Boao Forum, Wanning, Shenzhou, Lingshui, Ya Long Bay, Sanya. 

Main Terminal, landside, floor 2, Departure Hall, Gate B
Main Terminal, landside, floor 1, Arrival Hall, Gate B
Hours: 09:50-20:25


A taxi to the downtown area costs approximately RMB 50-60 (USD 7.50-9) and takes approximately 40 minutes. Be sure to take licensed taxis from the taxi stand.
If you would like to go to Sanya City, the fare is around RMB 300-400. 

Main Terminal, landside, floor 1, Arrival Hall, directly opposite Gate C

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Quick and tasty

Ajisen Noodle

This Japanese restaurant offers different Ramen and other noodles dishes as well as fried rice or grilled eel.

Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, near Gate 5
Hours: 06:00-the last flight, daily

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Local cuisine

Hainan Impression

Get a little taste of the Hainan cuisine before departure. Local specialties such as rice noodles, fried dishes and 'Hainan four dishes' are on the menue.

Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, departure hall
Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily 

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Free computer and iPad use

In both Terminals

At eight locations, travelers can use the provided computers and iPads. Movies, games and internet are free of charge.

International Terminal, after security, departure hall (4 computer)

Domestic Terminal

  • after security, departure hall, Gate 18 (6 computer)
  • after security, departure hall, Gate 19 (4 computer)
  • after security, departure hall, Gate 20 (6 computer)
  • after security, departure hall, Gate 2 (4 iPads)
  • after security, departure hall, Gate 9 (5 iPads)
  • after security, departure hall, Gates 30-34 (3 iPads)
  • after security, departure hall, Gate 12 (4 iPads)
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Sandwiches, toasts and beverages

Toasty Toasty

Inspired by Hong Kongs traditional toasts, come here for a variety of buttered thick toasts, delicious multi layered sandwiches and Hong Kong style drinks.

Domestic Terminal, after security, departure hall, close to Gate 54
Hours: 06:00-22:00


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Arts, craft and jewelry

Sea charm crafts store

Vast offer of arts and crafts as well as jewelry. 


Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, departure hall, across from Gate 10
Hours: 07:00-22:00



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In both terminals

Domestic First-Class Lounge
Cost: RMB 480 - terminal guidlance, check-in, first-class lounge rest, VIP car drop off.
RMB 380 - terminal guidlance, check-in, first-class lounge rest.
RMB 280 - first-class lounge rest. RMB 80 - VIP car drop off. 
Domestic Terminal, after security, next to Gate 13
Hours: 04:00-last flight, daily

International First-Class Lounge
Fresh coffee, nice view of an outdoor garden with water fountains. Cost: RMB 260. 
International Terminal, after security
Hours: 2 hours before departure of first international flight - last international flight

Business Lounge
Magazines and newspapeprs, TV, flight information, drinks and snacks. Cost: RMB 260 per person.
Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, to the left of Gate 5

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Teas and incense products

Nine domain shangpin

Vast selection of teas as well as incense products. For that extra special gift to take home.

Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, departure hall, near Gate 10
Hours: 07:00-22:00 daily 

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Letters and postcards

Free service

Post cards and letters can be left at the information counter for a complementary postal service.

Departure Hall, after security, right after going through passport control

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Quick and freshly prepared


For a quick bite to eat, this is the place to go. Thai, Malay, and Singaporean dishes.

International Terminal, after security, Departure Hall
Hours: until the last flight

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All silk

Daly Silk Shop

Colourful collection of ties, scarves, pyjamas and other clothing. All 100% silk.

Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, departure hall, across from Gate 10
Hours. 06:00-22:00 daily


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Baby care lounges

Available in both terminals

The baby care lounges are equipped with sofa seating for parents, infant beds as well as baby carriers and toys. Parents must accompany their children at all times; no child care supervision. Keep your flight information in mind.
A sperate breast-feeding room is also available. 

Domestic Terminal, after security, opposite to Gate 20

International Terminal, after security, at the right hand of the Departure Hall

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Public showers

In the western corridor

Public showers are available in some restrooms in the western corridor of the Terminal building. Do bring your own towel, soap and flip flops.

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Local specialties

DFS Hainan Market

Last minute opportunity to get local culinary specialties such as coconut candy as well arts and crafts souvenirs and snacks.

International Terminal, before security
Hours: 09:00-22:00 daily 

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Car rental


You are not allowed to drive with an International Driver's Permit (IDP) in mainland China. China has not signed the convention which created IDPs. You need a Chinese license to drive in China. (Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan issued licenses are not considered Chinese licenses.)

Car hire companies are available in the arrivals area of the airport. You can book a car at the airport, or save money by booking online before you travel.

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Disney Classic

This store is all about Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters. Many products like clocks, mugs, shoes, leather goods, furniture and more. 

Domestic Terminal, after security, floor 2, departure hall, across from Gate 27
Hours: 06:00-22:00 daily      Tel: +86 0898-65489576
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First Aid

Medical services

A clinic provides passengers with free-for-service general medical assistance and emergency rescue services. 

Domestic Terminal, before security, Arrivals Hall, western side

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Coffee, tea and hot chocolate


All the well known selection of Starbucks products.

Domestic Terminal, after security, departure hall, between Gate 15 and Gate 16
Hours: 07:00-22:00 daily


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Buy access to Golden Century VIP Lounge

Domestic Terminal. After the Security Checkpoint on the 3rd floor, opposite Gate 12.

Relax at the Golden Century VIP Lounge, away from the noise and chaos of the airport terminal. Catch up on some work with the complimentary Wi-Fi, or simply kick back and enjoy a snack or soft drink. NOTE: This lounge is only accessible for domestic passengers. NOTE: Children 12 years old and under are admitted free with an adult.
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