Incheon International Airport - ICN

Seoul, Korea (Republic of) (KR)

Getting into Seoul

Take the Airport Express

The airport is quite far from Seoul, and so taking the inexpensive high-speed train makes the most sense.

Express train

A’REX, the Airport Express train, takes you to Seoul Station in 43 minutes. Trains leave around every 30-40 minutes from 05:20-21:40. Wi-Fi is available on board.

Some airlines will also allow you to check in to your flight at Seoul station before boarding the A’REX train. Immigration officers are on-hand to stamp your passport to speed up processing times.

Tip: You can also take the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, stopping at 11 stations for a cheaper but slightly longer journey (56 minutes). 

Cost: KRW 8,000 one-way (KRW 4,250 on the stopping train)
Buying tickets: In the Airport Transportation Center before boarding the train, or Booth 45 on 1F with cash or credit card
Location: Follow the yellow signs down to the Airport Transportation Center on B1F and head to the right  


Airport (limousine) buses are also an option, but you won't save money and the journey will take longer - over an hour.

Cost: Around KRW 9,000-10,000 to central Seoul (more if you take a more comfortable deluxe bus)


You need to choose from three types of taxi: Normal (white/yellow, cheaper), Deluxe (black with gold stripes, more expensive) and International (orange, offering services in English, Japanese and Chinese).

Cost: From KRW 60,000-100,000 (plus KRW 8,000 road toll, plus 20% night-time surcharge from 00:00-04:00)
Go through Gates 4-8 of the passenger terminal, cross the street and the taxi ranks are between areas 4D-8C

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Getting around the airport

Two terminals

Incheon International Airport lies 38km west of Korea's capital, Seoul. It's a large and busy, but efficient, airport that has won numerous awards (best airport in the world by Airports Council International every year since 2005), and is known for its cleanliness and for being a good international transit hub. 

Immigration and security moves quickly here – the airport claims that the average time for arrivals is 12 minutes, and departures 19 minutes.


It consists of two terminal buildings:

  • Terminal 1: The largest terminal, spread out over five floors. It is further divided into east and west wings. Check-in and passport control are all completed here. Handles flights from 
  • Terminal 2: International airlines arrive and depart from here. Handles flights from Korean Air, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Air France. 
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Passing the Time

Ice skating

There is a reason that Incheon Airport is considered the best in the world, and it’s because people enjoy travelling through this airport. Pass the time skating on a synthetic year-round ice rink.

Cost: KRW 2,000 – 4,000 / USD 1.70 – 3.40

Transportation Center Area 1B, airside
Hours: 10:00–20:00 daily 

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Hot tubs, massages, sleeping rooms

Jmjilbang bathhouse: Spa on Air

Enjoy a traditional Korean jimjilbang bathhouse experience with a number of luxurious hot tubs and massages at Spa on Air. The spa is open 24-hours a day and offers private sleeping rooms, showers, snack bar, and complimentary luggage storage. Spa on Air is located on B1 in the East Wing of the Passenger Terminal and admission costs KRW 15,000 (USD 12.80) or KRW 20,000 KRW (USD 17.10) after 20:00.

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Free options and lounge options

Free showers

  • There are 7 showers located on the east and west locations of the Passenger Terminals, near the Korean Air (east) and Asiana Airlines (west) lounges. Transit passengers get a free shower kit.
  • 10 shower rooms are available past the cafeteria in the Transfer Service Complex on the fourth floor of the Passenger Terminal.

    07:00-22:00 daily; entry until 21:30 

Showers in lounges

  • Asiana Lounge
    After security, concourse A, floor 4, near Gate 119
  • Dewa Lounge
    International terminal, after security, floor 2, near gates 7 and 8
  • Matina Lounge
    Main Terminal, after security, west wing, floor 4
  • Parai Cyber Lounge
    international terminal, after security, floor 2, near gates 7 and 9
  • Prada Priority Lounge
    International terminal, after security, near gate 7
  • Premier Lounge
    International terminal,after scurity, floor 3, near gates 1 and 2
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Many options

  • Asiana Lounge
    Main Terminal, east wing, after security, concourse A, floor 4, near Gate 119
    Hours: 6:00-24:00
  • Asiana Business Lounge
    Main terminal, west wing, after security, floor 4, near gate 28
    Hours: 6:00-21:00
  • Dewa Lounge
    International terminal, after security, floor 2, near gates 7 and 8
  • KAL Lounge
    Main Terminal, east wing, after security, concourse A, east side, floor4  
    Hours: 6:30-23:50
  • Matina Lounge
    Main Terminal, west wing, after security, floor 4, near the transit hotel
    Hours: 07:00-21:00 daily
  • Matina Lounge
    Main Terminal, east wing, after security, floor 4, near the transit hotel
    Hours: 07:00-21:00 daily
  • Parai Cyber Lounge
    International terminal, after security, floor 2, near gates 7 and 9
  • Prada Priority Lounge
    International terminal, after security, near gate 7
  • Premier Lounge
    International terminal, after scurity, floor 3, near gates 1 and 2
  • Sky Hub Lounge
    Main Terminal, east wing, after security, floor 4, transfer service complex, opposite Gate 11
    USD 35
    Hours: 07:00-21:30 and 22:00-06:00 daily 
  • Sky Hub Lounge
    Main Terminal, west wing, after security, floor 4, opposite Gate 42
    USD 35
    Hours: 07:00-22:00 daily
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Free Transit Tours

Explore Incheon or Seoul on a layover

Incheon Airport offers free transit tours that allow travellers to explore destinations in Incheon and Seoul such as Yonggungsa Temple, Incheon City, Shingi Market, and Gyeongbok Palace. Tours are 1, 2, 3, or 5 hours long and include return journeys to the airport and a tour guide. Some tours offer optional insurance, lunch, and admission to palaces for an extra fee.

Sign up in advance ( or head to one of the five Transit Tour desks (1F near Gate 8, 2F, and 3F at the end of the halls of every concourse. There are 1-5 tours running daily, typically leaving first thing in the morning the last one in the early afternoon.

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CGV Cinema

Enjoy a movie

CGV Cinema

KRW 8,000 – 18,000 / USD 6.85 – 15.40

Transportation Center Area 1B, airside
Hours: 09:00–02:00 daily

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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Car hire desks are available near the airport complex and include Lotte, AJ Rent-A-Car and Sixt.

Be aware that you must have an international driver's license issued in the same country as their regular driver's license and some agencies require both. 

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Korean Culture Museum

Explore Korean culture in the airport

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time, visit one of the many Korean culture exhibits. The Korean Culture Museum (Level 4F, Transfer Lounge; 07:00 – 22:00) has ancient relics covering 5,000 years of history, art, music, and clothing. Some even have UNESCO World Heritage status.

The Korean Cultural Street (Level 4F) is a symbolic landmark of Incheon Airport where you can see replicas of traditional architecture, regularly scheduled performances and enjoy local snacks. You may even see a re-enactment of the Korean Royal Family’s regular procession (4 times per day).

The Traditional Korean Cultural Experience Zone (Center, 4F Concourse; 07:00 – 22:00) allows international passengers to make their own handicrafts, try on traditional clothing, and hear local Sanjo music.

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7-hour layover

Play a round of golf

If you have a long layover, you can play 18-hole golf (free shuttle bus to course; 06:00 – 16:00 tee times). The shuttle bus to the SKY 72 golf course can be found at Arrivals Exit 3 (thurd floor) – get off at the third stop called International Business Complex. Call +82 32 743 0025 for details.

A minimum 7-hour layover for 9 holes is recommended; driving ranges start at KRW 2,000 / USD 1.70 for 30 minutes.

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Rent a Phone

Stay connected on your travels

Most foreign phones don’t work in Korea because of the frequency band that most Korean networks use.

There are several shops that allow you to rent a phone for as little as KRW 2,000 (USD 1.70) per day. SK Telecom, and LG U+ have shops on the east and west wings on 1F of the Passenger Terminals (open 24 hours).

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Travelling between T1 and T2

Free shuttle bus every 5 min

To travel between the terminals at the airport, you can make use of the free shuttle bus. The bus takes approximately 15-20 minutes and operates every five minutes.


Terminal 1, before security, level 3, boarding area, Center Exit 8
Terminal 2, before security, level 3, boarding area, between Exit 4 and 5

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