Malpensa International Airport - MXP

Milan, Italy (IT)

Getting around the airport

Two terminals and a shuttle bus

Milan Malpensa Airport is the largest of three airports serving the city, and lies 50km north-west of Milan. It has two terminals, connected by a free shuttle bus:

  • Terminal 1. The newer terminal, split into three areas: 1A (Schengen and domestic flights), 1B (non-Schengen and international flights) and 1C (non-Schengen and international flights). It has five levels: Level -1, car hire, train station and shopping area; Ground Level, Arrivals; Level 1, Departures; Level 2, check-in; Level 3, Dining.
  • Terminal 2. The low-cost carrier terminal, currently servicing only easyJet flights. This is an older building, with three levels; Level -1, Ground Level serving Arrivals and Departures and Level 1 serving Departures.

The shuttle bus runs between terminals 24 hours a day: every 7 minutes from 06:00-23:30 and every 30 minutes from 23:30-06:00. Journey time is about 15 minutes. Be aware that there can be long queues and the buses can be packed, so leave plenty of time to catch your connecting flight.

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Getting into Milan

Malpensa Express train


If you want to avoid traffic and get into Milan quickly, take the Malpensa Express. The trains go to Cadorna station (near major tourist attractions) and Centrale station (in the city centre). Trains leave the station once every 30 minutes and the journey takes around 50 minutes. And don't forget to validate your ticket in the machines to the right of the escalator as you go down to the platform. 

Cost: EUR 13 one-way, EUR 20 return (within 30 days)
Buying tickets: Airport ticket offices or online
Terminal 1, before security, basement level
Terminal 2, before security, ground level, station connected to the terminal with a footbridge


You can also take a Terravision bus from both Terminals 1 and 2. The bus leaves every 20 minutes, takes you to Milano Centrale train station in 50 minutes, and offers free onboard Wi-Fi. 

There's also the Malpensa Shuttle, which costs a bit more but offers a similar service. It also goes to Linate airport.

Buying tickets: Buy cheap tickets here
Location: Bus stops at Terminals 1 and 2


It's a long, costly journey by taxi, but could be convenient if there are four of you with a lot of luggage. Journey time is around 50 minutes. Make sure you take an official taxi with 'Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo' on the windscreen, stating the fixed fare. 

Cost: EUR 95 fixed fare to city centre, EUR 65 to Fiera/Fair, and EUR 105 to Linate.
Terminal 1, arrivals, ground level, near Gate 6
Terminal 2, arrivals, ground level, near Gate 4

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Connecting flight in another terminal

A taxi may be quicker

While there is a free shuttle bus between the two terminals, it's small and can have long queues during busy periods. The quickest way to make the 10-minute, 5km journey to Terminal 2 is to take a taxi - and if you have a tight connection, it's a must.

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The quicker way to your gate

If you want quick access to the security checks and the boarding area of the airport, you can buy ViaMilano’s FastTrack service. You’ll be taken through the checks on a dedicated route on the first floor to get to your gates more quickly. Buy your FastTrack pass here.

Cost: EUR 9

Terminal 1, departures, level 2, check-in area 
Terminal 2, departures, ground level

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Transit visa for changing terminals

No transfer to Terminal 2 after security

If you're on a connecting flight through Malpensa airport and require a visa to enter Italy, you will need to get a transit visa to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. There is no after security transfer between terminals, which means you must go through customs and immigration to get to the other terminal.

Make sure you contact your nearest Italian consulate to find whether you need a transit visa and how to apply.

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Avoid overpaying for a taxi

Get a registered Milanese taxi

Only taxis registered in Milan have signed up to fixed-rate agreements for city-airport trips. The fare to go from the airport to the city (and vice versa) is EUR 90.

Make sure you get in a taxi with a card stating the fare on one of the windows . If the driver takes a route with tolls on the motorway those costs are included in the fixed fee. Fixed fees are inclusive of all surcharges, and night and holidays surcharges – but they can only be applied if the journey has no intermediate stops.

Taxi ranks are on the ground floor of the Arrivals area near Gate 6.

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Before and after security

There are many lounges with catering services, work stations, newspapers, magazines, telephones and other services available at Malpensa airport.

Club SEA Respighi VIP Business Lounge
Terminal 1, before security, Level 2
Hours: 06:30-22:00

Club SEA Monteverdi VIP Business Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, departure area A, Level 1
Hours: 06:00-21:30

Club SEA Pergolesi VIP Business Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, departure area B, Level 1
Hours: 06:00-21:30

Club SEA Albinoni Meeting Lounge
Terminal 1, before security, Arrivals, Level 0
Hours: Meeting Lounge on request

Air France KLM Salon Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, departure area A, Level 1
Hours: 05:30-21:00

Alitalia Botticelli Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, Departures, Level 1
Opening hours: 05:30-23:00

Alitalia Caravaggio Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, Departures, Level 1
Hours: 05:30-23:00

British Airways Terraces Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, departure area B, level 1
Hours: 06:00-22:00

Lufthansa Lounge
Terminal 1, after security, departure area A, Level 1
Hours: 06:00-21:00 Sun-Fri, 06:00 20:00 Sat 

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Travelling with a baby?

Baby-friendly airport

Milan Airports offer special areas for breastfeeding in privacy. The rooms are private and have ergonomically designed chairs for breastfeeding as well as changing tops for mum and baby. The space is provided free of charge as part of UNICEF’s campaign to support breastfeeding.

Terminal 2, after security, near the Duty Free shops, across from Gates D07-22

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MOXY Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel

Conveniently-located concept hotel

The Moxy Hotel is a budget design hotel suited to both business and leisure travellers. The rooms are soundproofed with independent Wi-Fi connections. The accommodation is opposite Terminal 2’s car parks, just opposite the future railway station, making it the perfect place to stay on a layover. Rates start at EUR 55 per night.

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Crowne Plaza Milan Airport Hotel

Very convenient

If you’re looking for a well-placed hotel near the airport, the Crowne Plaza is located in between Terminals 1 and 2, making it an easy transfer to either one for your flight. The rooms have soundproof windows, Wi-Fi, and work desks – perfect for business travellers. The restaurant and bar play live music and guests can enjoy a health and fitness centre, sauna, and Turkish bath. Rooms start at EUR 109 per night and include a shuttle bus to the airport.

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Available in lounges

You'll only find showers in Terminal 1. There are no public shower facilities, but you can pay the EUR 35/day entry fee into one of these lounges to freshen up:

  • Pergolesi Lounge (after security, non-Schengen area, B gates)
  • Monteverdi Lounge (after security, Schengen flights, A gates)

You could also pay the day rate in the Sheraton Hotel: EUR 79, from 09:00-18:00.

There are no showers in Terminal 2.

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Power outlets

Power outlets at Check-in Area 1

If you need to charge your electronics before boarding, head to the seats along the corridor behind Check-In area 1 where you will find green power plug on the wall to the left of the chairs. In Terminal 2, power outlets are available after security near the massage chairs on the ground floor of the airport near Hudson News shop.

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