Narita International Airport - NRT

Tokyo, Japan (JP)

Getting around the airport

Three terminals, free shuttle bus

Narita International Airport lies around 60km east of Tokyo, and is the second busiest airport in Japan (after Haneda). It has three terminals:

  • Terminal 1, with six levels, a North and a South Wing and five satellite buildings. B1F is the basement floor with a train station. 1F hosts Arrivals. 2F for immigration. 3F has passport control and duty-free shopping. 4F and 5F have restaurants and shops.
  • Terminal 2, with a main building and a satellite building. The main building has five floors: B1F is the basement floor with a train station, 2F has immigration and a walkway to the satellite building, 3F hosts international departures, passport control and duty-free shopping and 4F has shops, restaurants and an observation deck. The satellite building has two floors: Arrivals on 2F and Departures on 3F. The two buildings are connected by a walkway.
  • Terminal 3, a new building exclusively for low-cost carriers. It has a large, 24-hour food court with many dining options.

Travelling between terminals

There are free shuttle buses linking all three terminals over three routes:

  • Route 1 links Terminals 1 and 2, and Higashi Narita Station runs every 7-10 minutes from the Arrivals level
  • Route 2 links Terminals 1, 2, and 3, and Higashi Narita Station, and runs every 15 minutes
  • Route 3 links Terminals 2 and 3, and leaves every 5-8 minutes

However, you can also walk. It's a 10-15 walk along a 500m long covered corridor, landside, and may be more straightforward than finding the shuttle.

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Getting into Tokyo

Take the express train

Narita Airport is a long way from Tokyo, making taxis prohibitively expensive, and the high-speed train the quickest option. 


The Narita Express (N’EX) takes you directly to Tokyo Station, where you can change to the Yamanote line on the underground. Trains run every 15-30 minutes from 07:44-21:44 and journey time is 53 minutes. Stay in the front carriages to continue your journey to Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, and the rear carriages to go to Shinagawa. 

You can also take the Keisei Skyliner Airport Express, but only to Ueno or Nippori, from where it's likely you'll have to negotiate the underground system. Journey time is 30 minutes.

Money-saving tips:

  • Slower train: Take the JR Airport Liner stopping train. It goes the same route as the N'EX, and will take you to Tokyo Station in 80 minutes, but for a cheaper price of JPY 1,280.
  • Discount card: Foreign visitors can buy a discount ticket at the airport for further travel during their stay in Tokyo. It's a N'EX and Suica card, and costs JPY 3,500, which includes the Narita Express, plus JPY 2,000 worth of travel in Tokyo. Buy it at the JR East Travel Service Centers in the basement of both terminals.

Cost: JPY 2,940 one-way, JPY 6,040 return on the N'EX to Tokyo Station (plus JPY 3,110 to travel further into Tokyo)
Buying tickets: Kiosks in the airport railway station
Location: Terminal 1, Narita Airport Station, Level B1F; Terminal 2, Airport Terminal 2 Station (if you arrive at Terminal 3, you'll need to take a shuttle bus or walk (10-15 minutes) to the station in Terminal 2)


The fare may make your eyes water, but if you need to take a taxi, they're plentiful, reliable, comfortable and offer fixed fares. Journey time can range from one to two hours, depending on traffic.

Cost: Around JPY 22,000 to central Tokyo (plus road tolls of JPY 2,250-2,850 - no need to tip)
Location: Terminal 1, Level 1F, bus lane; Terminal 2, Level 1F, bus lane; Terminal 3, outside the main building


The Limousine Bus stops at many big hotels in Tokyo, and some visitors find it to be the most direct and affordable way into the city. Journey time is 60-100 minutes. For more, visit

Cost: JPY 3,000 one-way
Buying tickets: Ticket Counter in Level B1F
Location: Bus stops outside arrivals

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Sleep option at Narita

Day rooms

If you would like to take a nap during your layover at Narita airport, day rooms are fully equipped with sleeping facilities and showers. They can be found on the 3rd floor and are available between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm (last check-in at 8:30 pm). The first 60 minutes costs ¥1,540 and ¥770 for every 60 minutes thereafter. Be aware that some customers have reported not receiving a Wi-Fi signal in their rooms.

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For business and private travellers

There are many lounges in terminals 1 and 2. As Terminal 3 is for budget travellers only there are no lounges in this terminal.

Terminal 1

IASS Executive Lounge, Central building, before security, from the 4th Floor (Departures Level), take central escalators up to the 5th Floor, the lounge is located on the right hand side of the North Wing.  Opening hours: 07:00-21:00 daily

ANA Lounge
Terminal 1, South Wing, Level 1

ANA Lounge & Suite Lounge
Terminal 1, Satellite 4, Level 3

ANA Lounge & Suite Lounge
This lounge has recently been renovated and expanded and offers made-to-order meals, massage chairs, and a well-stocked bar. Passengers report that the Wi-Fi is better here as well. 
A day pass costs JPY 5,500 and must be booked in advance using the ANA My Choice button on the Optional Services page of the website.

Terminal 1, Satellite 5, Level 3

Korean Air Lounge
Terminal 1, Central Building, Level 3

Delta Sky Club
Terminal 1, Satellite 1, Level 3

Delta Sky Club
Terminal 1, Satellite 2, Level 3

United Club & Global First Lounge
Terminal 1, Central Building, Level 3

Terminal 2

IASS Executive Lounge, main building, before security, From 3rd Floor (Departures Level), take escalator next to 'G' check-in counter to 4th Floor, turn left and proceed straight for 10 meters to the entrance. Opening hours: 07:00-21:00 daily

American Airlines Admirals Club
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

Emirates Lounge
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

Qantas Business Lounge
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

China Airlines Dynasty Lounge
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

Japan Airlines Dynasty, Sakura & First Class Lounge
Terminal 2, Main Building, Level 3

Japan Airlines Sakura & First Class Lounge
Terminal 2, Satellite Building, Level 3

Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge
Terminal 2, Domestic, Level 2 

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Change money at the airport

Int'l cash points are hard to find

Even though Tokyo is an international city, it can be difficult to find cash points that accept foreign cards. To avoid getting caught without cash, exchange or withdraw money at the airport. There are international cash points on the arrival floor but be advised that some have a minimum of JPY 5-10,000 withdrawals. If you run out of cash, Citibank machines, and cash points in 7-Elevens and post offices, accept foreign cards. Most displays can be set to English as well. 

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A breath of fresh air

Oxygen Bar

Hook yourself up to self-service tanks that will pump flavored oxygen like eucalyptus menthol and cinnamon into your lungs. Many claims that increased oxygen eases headaches, increases alertness and reduces the effects of jetlag. A 10-minute session costs JPY 800, and JPY 600 for every 10 minutes thereafter.

Location: Terminal 1, floor 3, airside
Operating hours: 11:00-18:00 daily

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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Car rentals are available in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Terminal 1

  • Nippon, ORIX and Nissan: Central Building, Level 1, Arrivals
  • Toyota and Times Car Renral: North Wing, Level 1, Arrivals

Terminal 2

  • Nippon, ORIX, Nissan, Toyota and Times Car Rental: Main Building, Level 1, Arrivals
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Plane watching

Airport outdoor observation deck

If you want to get some air or watch the planes landing and taking off, head up to the outdoor observation deck on the 5th floor. The spacious terrace in Terminal 1 offers the best views of the main runway and is especially dazzling at night. The observation is open from 6:30 to 21:00 (April 1 – September 30) and 7:00 to 21:00 pm (October 1 to March 31).

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Travelling with children

T2 Kids Parks

There are two Kids Parks after Passport Control: on the second floor of the main building and the 3rd floor of the satellite building. They have playground equipment and mats for babies and pre-school aged children. Follow the sign for “Nursery” to get to them.

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Buy access to IASS Executive Lounge

Terminal 1, Central Building. From the 4th Floor (Departures Level), take central escalators up to the 5th Floor, the lounge is located on the right hand side of the North Wing.

Enjoy this peaceful, tranquil oasis courtesy of IASS, which has operated at Narita for over three decades and counting. Charge your phone so that it’s all set. Enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi and relax to the beat of a sophisticated classical soundtrack. Don’t forget to grab a free beer at the front desk. NOTE: Alcoholic drinks are limited to one per adult. NOTE: Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
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