Newark Liberty International Airport - EWR

Newark, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

Three terminals

Newark Liberty International is the United States' oldest airfield and the second largest of three airports servicing New York city (the others are JFK and LaGuardia). It's located in New Jersey, around 24km from midtown Manhattan.

It has three separate terminal buildings, connected by a shuttle train: 

  • Terminal A: All non-United domestic, Canadian, and short United Express flights. Four levels, with check-in on level 3, gates and restaurants on level 2, baggage claim on level 1 and short-term parking on level 0. 
  • Terminal B: Foreign carriers and short-haul Delta Connections. Four levels, with check-in on level 3, gates and restaurants on level 2, baggage claim and international Arrivals on Level 1 and short-term parking on level 0. 
  • Terminal C: Exclusively for United Airlines and United Express. Three levels, one for international check-in, another for domestic check-in, and an underground parking level and a mezzanine level with gates, shopping and restaurants.

Each terminal has three concourses, named A1-A3, B1-B3 and C1-C3 respectively.

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Getting into New York

AirTrain and NJ Transit is best

Newark Airport is the furthest away of all airports serving New York city, and as a result, taxi rides are longer and more expensive. The train can be much quicker, especially in rush hour, and is a lot cheaper.


Take the AirTrain to Newark Liberty International Airport Station (7-11 minutes). From there, the NJ Transit will take you to Penn Station (around 30 minutes) and to the World Trade Center in 40 minutes. The AirTrain runs every three minutes from 05:00-02:00 and every 15 minutes from 00:00-05:00. Journey time should be under an hour, including transfer times between trains.

Location: The AirTrain stops in the upper levels of Terminals A, B and C
Cost: USD 5.50 to the Airport Station, plus USD 13 to Penn Station


The Airport Express Bus, run by Coach USA, offers a direct service to New York City from all airport terminals. Buses run from 04:00-02:00 and leave every 15 minutes from 06:45-11:15. They will drop you off at Bryant Park, Grand Central Station and the Port Authority Bus Station. Journey time is around 45 minutes (longer in rush hour).

Cost: USD 16 one-way, USD 28 round-trip
Locations: Terminal A, arrivals, level 1, lane 5; Terminal B, arrivals, level 1, lane 2; Terminal C, arrivals, level 1, bus stops 5 and 6 


Taxis are available outside each terminal, and costs vary depending on traffic. Journey time can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 60, depending on the traffic.

Cost: USD 50-70 (plus tolls and tip)

Going further afield?

Amtrak trains run from the Airport Station to Philadelphia, Boston and New Haven, Connecticut, among other destinations. It also runs hourly to New York city.

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Water Filling Station

Terminal B

Avoid the high prices for water at the airport and head to the B3 Satellite Area. You’ll find a station where you can fill up a water bottle before boarding your flight.

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Airside Transfers between terminals

Only between Terminals A and C

If you’re transferring between Terminals A and C, there is a free airside shuttle bus from Gates A28 and C71.

The shuttle runs daily from 05:00 until 23:00. If you have a connection in Terminal C, you will have to pass through security and border control to take the AirTrain to your connecting flight.

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Eating and Drinking

Terminal C offers best selection

Terminal C has the best selection of dining options. 

In Terminals A and B, it’s best to eat pre-security as prices after security increase substantially. The Earl of Sandwich is the only sit-down restaurant after security in the concourse of Terminal A, near Gates A20-A28. The sandwiches and wraps are tasty, but the places can be very crowded.

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Connecting Between Airports

Getting to JFK and LaGuardia

Ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminal as these drivers may be uninsured and unlicensed. A taxi fare to LaGuardia or JFK International Airports will cost around 85 USD plus the cost of any tolls (usually roundtrip). There is also a 5.50 USD surcharge for credit card transactions. The journey may take anywhere between 75-90 minutes.

For LaGuardia, take the AirTrain (5.50 USD) to NY Penn Station and grab the Express Bus Service (14 USD). The journey can take anywhere between 60-105 minutes.
For JFK, the fastest route is to take the LIRR (13-16 USD) from Penn Station to Jamaica Station and take the AirTrain (5 USD) up the airport.

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Airport Hotel with a great view

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott

The Marriott is the only hotel located on airport grounds. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to all terminals (going every 20 minutes, sometimes even more often), and offers amenities such as on-site dining, free Wi-Fi, fitness centre, and soundproofed windows that still give great views of the planes landing and taking off! Travelers have reported that it is advisable to take the shuttle service even though the hotel is on the aiport's premises.

Rooms start at 144 USD per night.

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Power outlets

Stay connected

There are charging stations both airside and landside throughout all the terminals.

If you’re in Terminal B and the charging stations are busy, head to the food court. The wall sockets have built-in USB ports that should help you charge your devices.

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Nursing Suites

In all terminals

There are two nursing suites available for moms who wish to have a private space to feed their babies.

Terminal A, after security, near Gates 10-18
Terminal A, after security, near Gates 30-39
Terminal B, after security, near Gates 60-68
Terminal C, after security, near Gate C107

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Travelling between terminals

Take the AirTrain every 3 min

The landside AirTrain monorail takes you to all the terminals, parking and rental car facilities. It leaves from stops in the upper floors of all terminal buildings every three minutes from 05:00-24:00 and every 15 minutes from 24:00-05:00 (until 07:00 on Sundays).

It's free for journeys around the airport, but you have to buy tickets to go to the Airport Station for NJ Transit Rail connections to New York City.

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