Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - DCA

Washington, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

3 Terminals

Ronald Reagan National Airport is located in Arlington, 3 miles south of the central business district of Washington, D.C. The airport consists of a large Main Terminal, divided into three sections: Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C.

  •  The airport’s elevated Metrorail station is connected to the Concourse Level of Terminals B and C. These terminals are connected to Terminal A through the National Hall, and to each other via indoor pedestrian bridges.
  •  Free shuttle buses run between parking lots, Metrorail, Terminals, and the Rental Car garage.
  • Terminal A has baggage claim, ticket counters and security check on the main Concourse level. Terminals B and C are three levels. Level 1 is baggage claim, the Concourse (Level 2) is the Metro Station and gates, while Level 3 is Ticketing and Check-In with passenger drop-off.
  • SmarteCarte baggage carts are available throughout terminals, parking garages, and Metrorail station. Skycap services (curbside luggage drop-off) are available throughout all terminals
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. Connect to the National Airport service.
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Getting into Washington DC

Ground transportation


The Metrorail is the subway system serving Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The airport can be reached by the Blue and Yellow lines which are connected to the Concourse of Terminal B and C by pedestrian bridges. Fares with a SmarTrip card are maximum USD 6 depending on your destination. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

Terminal A, before security, main floor, curbside shuttle to Terminal B/C or Parking Garages B and C

Terminal B and C, before security, Concourse level 2, pedestrian bridges in between elevator and escalators
Hours: 05:00-00:00 Mon-Thurs; 05:00-03:00 Fri; 07:00-03:00 Sat; 07:00-00:00 Sun.


Taxi dispatchers are available to help assist passengers. The approximate fares within the District of Columbia are between USD 13 (Capitol Hilton Hotel) and USD 26 (Colonial Park/Aquatic Gardens). Fares do not include the USD 3 airport fee.
Notify a dispatcher if paying by credit card. All District of Columbia taxis are required to take credit cards. If the driver tells you upon arrival at your destination that the machine doesn't work, remind him/her that that is illegal and they either take the card or give you a free ride.
The journey takes 10-15 mintues.

Proceed from any terminal Baggage Claim through the doors to the curbside where taxi lines are clearly marked.

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Flying from Gate 35 or 35X

Bring a jacket

This gate has no air bridge so you will be taking a shuttle bus to the plane. Neither priority boarding nor boarding by zones does apply at this gate. So consider inclement weather if you’ll be flying into or out of Gate 35 or 35X! 

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Water Fountains

Bring an empty water bottle

Bring an empty water bottle to fill before your flight and avoid high prices for water. A hands-free water fountain can be found in the gate waiting areas. One is confirmed across from Gate 26 in Terminal C.

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Power outlets

Available throughout airport

Charging stations for computers, phones and other electronic devices are located throughout the airport including the gate areas, restaurants, and baggage claim levels. Just look for the "power up" signage.

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