Vaclav Havel International Airport - PRG

Prague, Czechia (CZ)

Getting around the airport

Two main passenger terminals

Václav Havel Airport (formerly Ruzyne International Airport) lies around 15km away from Prague's city centre. It is a compact, modern and clean airport, but it can have long queues at security. There are two main passenger terminals, both offering free, fast Wi-Fi, with Arrivals and Departures on the same level. You can walk easily between terminals in around 10 minutes.

  • Terminal 1 is the older terminal, for non-Schengen flights, with Concourses A and B
  • Terminal 2 is the larger, more modern terminal, for Schengen flights, with Concourses C and D
  • Terminals 3 and 4 handle a few irregular flights as well as VIP and charter flights

Do some plane spotting while you wait:

There are two observation decks:

  • Terminal 1, after security, level 2 enter through the Restaurant Letiste Praha
  • Terminal 2, before security, level 2, next to the cinema and museum
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Security immediately before gates

No duty-free liquids

Each concourse has its own security area, right before the gates. Avoid buying liquids that exceed the 100ml limit at the shops just after passport control. Each concourse has its own security checkpoint, so you will have to throw it away.

If you plan on travelling with any liquids, we recommend checking them in your luggage or waiting until you get to the shops near your gates – just be aware that the selection is limited. 

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Getting into Prague

Take a taxi or the Airport Express

There's no train connection into the city from the airport. You can take the public bus, an airport shuttle bus or a taxi. In this case, taxi can be the best option, as it's a reasonably quick and inexpensive journey. Otherwise, the Airport Shuttle is a good option.


We recommend taking a registered taxi offering fixed prices, operated by Taxi Praha or Fix Taxi. Rates are determined at set tariffs and all drivers who service the airport speak basic English. Journey time is 20-30 minutes. Travellers have reported problems with overcharging in Prague taxis, so be careful.

Cost: Around CZK 6550-600

Terminal 1, arrivals, Door D
Terminal 2, arrivals, Door E


There are two bus options.

The cheapest is to take public transport buses 119 or 100 to a metro station. The 119 goes to Nádraží Veleslavín (metro line A) in 15 minutes, and the 100 goes to Zličín (metro line B) in 18 minutes. 

A more comfortable option, going into the centre, with more space for your luggage is the Airport Express bus, run by Czech railways. It takes you to the main railway station (Hlavní nádraží) stopping at Revolucni near Kotva Department Store, and Masarykovo railway station. The buses run every 30 minutes from 05:00-21:00 and the journey takes around 35 minutes. 

Cost: CZK 32 public bus, CZK 60 Airport Express
Buying tickets: For the public bus, go to public transport counters in Arrival halls (07:00-22:00), automats at bus stops (cash), from a bus driver (cash); for the Airport Express, pay the driver


Uber also operates at the airport, with Uber Pop fares around CZK 320 (EUR 12.50) and Uber Black fares at around CZK 600-700 (EUR 24-28).

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Freshen up for free

There are plenty of places to shower in Prague airport.

Terminal 1
Showers are available at the Rest & Fun Center on Level 1, to the left of the hall for Concourse B. It will  cost you CSK 99 (EUR 4) for 30 minutes, including towels and shower products. It's free if you're using the private mini lounge.

Terminal 2
There's a free shower available after security in Pier D, Level 3, opposite the Erste Premier Lounge. Towel and key are available at the lounge for a deposit of EUR 10.

Showers are also available in some of  the lounges in both terminals (Menzies Aviation Lounge in Terminal 1 and 2).

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VIP lounge and more

For a small airport, there are a surprisingly large number of places to wait in comfort:

Terminal 1

  • Mastercard Lounge
    Food and drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, conference facilities, showers and other services. 
    Location: Terminal 1, after security, departures, level 2, towards Pier B
    Hours: 05:30-23:30 daily
    Cost: CZK 720

Terminal 2

  • Raffeisenbank Lounge
    Food and drinks, TV, Wi-Fi, newspapers and other services. It also offers a very handy private check-in service (only for departures from Terminal 2). 
    Location: Terminal 2, before security, departures, opposite check-in counter No. 209
    Hours: 05:00-22:00 daily
    Cost: CZK 850
  • Erste Premier Lounge
    Food and drinks, Wi-Fi, television, newspapers, conference facilities, showers and other services. 
    Location: Terminal 2, after security, departures, level 2
    Hours: 05:00-22:00 daily
    Cost: CZK 720
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Rest and Camp, Fun center

Relax in private or overnight lounges

If you need a diversion from traveling, Prague airport is a good place to be. The Rest and Camp, Fun center in Terminal 1 offers many spaces to take time out.

Here, you'll find:

  • Internet café
  • Private mini-lounges costing EUR 12 for two hours, EUR 20 for four hours, EUR 24 for six hours
  • Cinema lounge 
  • Relax lounge with nine rooms that can be rented overnight, costing EUR 24 for four hours between 08:00-18:00 (no reservation needed); EUR 60 from 18:00-08:00 (reservations needed, at least 48 hours in advance)
  • TV, Wi-Fi, DVD, Xbox
  • Shower (EUR 4)

To make a reservation, email 

Location: Terminal 1, Level 1, to the left of the hall in Concourse B

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Private check-in

Skip the queues

In Prague airport, you can enjoy an easier way to travel, with private check-in in the VIP Lounge (Terminal 3, for private and charter flights) and Raiffeisenbank Lounge (Terminal 2, before security). 

You will have an agent in the lounge who will sort everything for you, and your baggage claim tag will be delivered to the lounge before you go through the nearby security check. 

This can really save you time, and add a touch of luxury to your journey.

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Free films for travellers

If you need a break from travelliner, head to the free cinema in Terminal 2. The airport screens a variety of films and documentaries. There are also some aviation-themed films.

Location: Terminal 2, Level 2, Departures, in front of the observation deck
Opening hours: 

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Free Wi-Fi

Throughout the airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague offers its passengers complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout Terminal 1 and 2. To connect, simply choose '' in the list of Wi-Fi networks, launch your web browser and a Wi-Fi welcome page will guide you through. 

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Luxury at the airport

The VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL offers instant check-ins in the comfort of the lounge before the departure or arrival of your flight. The service includes a complimentary limousine pickup that takes you to/from the airport, an instant luggage check-in, a limousine ride directly to your aircraft, free parking for 4 days, access to luxurious lounges, individual security checks, all-inclusive refreshments and snacks, children's area and duty-free shopping. The cost per person includes two standard items of baggage.

Location: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, before security
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Cost: CZK 4,400 per person (when booked at least 24 hours in advance)

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Travelling with children

There's plenty to do in Prague airport

If you've got children with you, Mr B could be a godsend. He's a bee mascot that's displayed in every child-friendly place the airport – whether it's meals, merchandise, play areas or even free buggies so you can check yours in and yet still push them right to your gate. This is an airport that understands parents' struggles and has made efforts to ease the journey.

Here are the highlights:

Children's rooms
Quiet rooms for parents and children with changing stations, microwaves, cots, play areas and toilets.
Terminals 1 and 2, after security

Children's corners
Well-equipped play areas to burn up plenty of energy before you fly, with climbing areas, slides and toys.
Terminal 1, after security on the left
Terminal 2, after security on the left

Mini play areas
Smaller play areas suitable for kids from 3-8, with interactive toys and building blocks.
Terminal 1, after security, ground floor, towards end of Pier B, Gates A6-9 and B7-9
Terminal 2, after security, towards the end of Pier C 

Toy shop
Play area inside a toy shop before you go through to your gate, with aviation-themed toys, games, building blocks, climbers, swings and more. There are also large-format games like chess for older kids.
Before security, connecting corridor between terminals, Bambule toy shop

Free buggies
You can take your buggy right to the gate, and even take folding ones onto the plane. But if you want to make things a bit easier, there are convenient, free buggies you can use to take you to your gate.
Terminals 1 and 2, just after security 

Child-friendly dining
These restaurants have children's menus, drinks and high chairs:
Restaurant Praha (Terminal 1, before and after security)
Nude Juice Bar (Terminal 1, after security)
McDonald's (Terminal 1, before security)
PAUL (Terminals 1 and 2, after security)

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