Pittsburgh International Airport - PIT

Pittsburgh, United States (US)

Getting around the airport

Two terminals, connected by a people mover

Pittsburgh International Airport is located 32km west of downtown Pittsburgh and consists of a Landside Terminal (before security), and an Airside Terminal (after security), connected by an underground people mover.

Landside Terminal

  • Includes ticketing, security checkpoints, baggage claim and ground transportation.
  • After passing through security, you take a people mover to the Airside Terminal where departure gates are located.
  • Four levels: the Baggage Claim level (lowest); the Transit Level, which has a moving walkway to the Hyatt Regency Hotel and extended parking, as well as the people mover to the Airside Terminal; the Ticketing Level with security screening; and the Mezzanine level.

Airside Terminal

  • Four concourses: A, B, C and D.
  • Three levels: Immigration & Customs and International Arrivals are on the lower level, the Airmall (centre of concourses) and gates are the main level, while the Mezzanine level hosts the Admirals Club lounge and chapel.
  • Concourse C has 11 gates and serves international arrivals and departures.
  • Customs and immigration is located on its lower level.

You don't need a boarding pass

In a pioneering move, in September 2017, Pittsburgh International became the first airport in the country to allow non-fliers into the boarding areas to shop, eat and wave off friends and family. Non-fliers can enter the Airside Terminal (with ID and security check) from 09:00-17:00 on weekdays. 

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Getting into Pittsburgh

Bus is the best option

Pittsburgh Airport lies around 30km west of the city. As there are no trains running from the airport, you'll have to go by road. The bus is way cheaper than a taxi, and still pretty comfortable.


The 28X Airport Flyer, run by the Port Authority, runs to Carnegie Mellon University via the centre of Pittsburgh. Buses run every 30 minutes or so and the journey takes around 40-45 minutes (Liberty Ave at Woods St). Make sure you have exact change.  

Landside Terminal, before security, baggage claim level, outside door 6
Cost: USD 3.75 one-way
Hours: 05:30-00:00


Taxis to the centre of Pittsburgh are metered. For distances over 20 minutes, the meter calculates at double rate, so the cost can increase fast. The journey takes around 30 minutes.

Landside Terminal, lower level, baggage claim level, between carousels F and J, exit through 'commercial' doors
Cost: Around USD 40-45, including airport surcharge and tip

Uber and Lyft

Both services have recently been allowed to pick up passengers from Arrivals. Go to the commercial curb number four for pick up.

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Burgh Sportz Bar

Classic American fare

This bar pays homage to the city's professional football, hocky and baseball teams, with sports memorabilia adorning the walls. But don't be fooled by the sports theme, it has serious foodie chops. It serves American classics to a high standard. You won't find fries here. Instead you can choose from homemade crisps or potatoes. The buffalo wings are to die for. It's also a great place to try some local beer, as well as some from further afield. After a meal here, you'll board your plane with a smile on your face.

Airside Terminal, after security, Concourse B, Floor 3, after gate B28

Airside Terminal, after security, Concourse D, floor 3, near gate D79

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Bottega dei Sapori

Italian snacks and coffee

Meaning 'shop of flavours' in Italian, Bottega dei Sapori is a great hangout for foodies. Designed to be a culinary tour of Italy, you can buy the finest cuisine, wine and coffee to take home for friends (or yourself). Choose from artisanal pastas in all shapes and sizes, small batch extra virgin olive oils, fine meats and cheeses, decadent chocolates and cookies and a lot more.
It also happens to be one of the best, and yet little-known, places in the airport for a quick but delicious sandwich and drink. You can pick up an espresso pick-me-up and pair it with a panini. Or sip a glass of good Italian wine with a wedge of quiche before your flight.

Location: Main Terminal, Concourse A, Floor 3, after security

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Bar Symon

Good choice for local food

Bar Symon is the brainchild of famous American chef Michael Symon. The place offers a good selection of beers and a menu full with comfort food like burgers and sandwiches, often with a Greek twist. Also every table offers power outlets in case you need to recharge your gear.

Airside Terminal, after security, main level, center of terminal in Airmall 
Hours: 05:00-20:30 daily

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Water bottle filling stations

For free

Free water bottle filling stations are available at six fountains throughout the terminals. Take an empty bottle in your carry on and refill at these stations once you have passed security. 

Landside Terminal, before security, before the screening checkpoint 
Airside Terminal, after security, at the entrance of each concourse
Airside Terminal, after security, directly after the screening checkpoint

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Admirals Club Lounge

AA Admiral’s Club

This 1100 square-foot lounge offers work stations, couches, easy chairs, magazines, light snacks and beverages.

Airside Terminal, after security, mezzanine level, take escalator up from the AIRMALL
Hours: 05:00-20:30 Mon-Fri, 05:30-18:00 Sat, 05:30-20:30 Sun

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Hudson News

Newspaper, magazines and travel accessories

If you need a newspaper and some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to get you through your layover, Hudson News is where you need to go. One of the US' biggest travel retailer's, it's a reliable source of books, magazines, papers, snacks, water, travel accessories and most practical things you need to make your wait a bit more comfortable.

Locations: Before security, Center Core, Floor 3, near the entrance to Concourse B

After security, Concourse B, Floor 3, near gate B30

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Travelling with children

Play area and nursing lounge

Travelling with children is easy in Concourse C. There is a Kidsport play area for young children, an exhibit commemorating Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (a long-running children’s television program) and a brand new nursing lounge for mothers to breastfeed, pump or change nappies.

Airside Terminal, after security, main level, Gates C51-53

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Currito: Burritos without Borders

Flavours from across the globe

This is a cheap, cheerful and pretty healthy dining option. Choose from burrito (large or small) or bowl, choose your protein, and then add your trimmings. From Thai-style peanut sauce, to US-style buffalo sauce, you might find your taste buds travelling the world as much as you do. For extra crunch and vitamins, add cucumbers, tomatoes, mango salsa, cabbage... and of course Srichacha or Tabasco for that extra zing. You can also choose from a range of smoothies, salads, breakfast and snacks.

Location: Main Terminal, after security, Center Core, Floor 3

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Car rental

Lowest price guaranteed

Rental counters are located on the baggage claim level of the landside terminal. From there it's a short walk to pick up a rental car on the lower level of the airport’s parking garage.

Landside Terminal, before security, baggage claim level, centre of the floor

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Power outlets

Eleven charging stations

PIT has installed eleven charging stations with chairs, tables, power outlets and cables for a variety of devices. They've been installed in three concourses after security and at the baggage claim area before security.

Another twelve outlets with USB connections have been installed throughout the terminal.

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Auntie Anne's

Famous pretzels

If you’re craving a taste of home, stop by Auntie Anne’s for one of their famous freshly baked – and always warm – soft pretzels. There’s also pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, dips and plenty of drinks to quench your thirst.

Location: Airside Terminal, after security, Concourse A, Near Gate A1, Floor 3

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Black and Gold

Pittsburgh Sports Merch

If you know your Penguins from your Pirates, this is the place for you. You'll find plenty of sports merchandise to help you remember your favourite Pittsburgh sports team. Choose from clothes, gifts, accessories and more, for you and the kids. Why 'black and gold'? They're the colours of the city's flag, and uniquely, all of its teams are kitted out in these colours. The colours were originally in the coat of arms of William Pitt, the 18th century primeminister who gives the city its name.

Location: Landside Terminal, before security, Floor 2

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