Charlotte Douglas International Airport - CLT

Charlotte, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

One terminal leading to five concourses

Charlotte Douglas International Airport consists of one large main terminal with Arrivals and Departures levels, and Concourses A to E. The Concourses are all adjacent (so there is no shuttle service) and have their own security checkpoints.

  • Security on the east side of the terminal connect to Concourses A and B; security on the west side lead to Concourses C and D; the northwest checkpoint connects to Concourse E.
  • Departures has the main check-in areas and five security checkpoints. TSA PreCheck is available at Checkpoints B and E.
  • Free, unlimited Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. Connect to the ‘CLTNET’ network.
  • Give yourself enough time to get to a connecting flight – the walk from Concourse A to Concourses D or E can take 20-30 minutes. There are moving walkways to speed up the journey.
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10-year construction project

CLT airport kicked off a new 10-year construction project in 2015. There will be construction on the entrance road to the terminal (expected completion in 2018), followed by a new building north of Concourse A (expected completion in 2019). We recommend allowing plenty of time to get to the terminal due to the expected traffic delays into the airport.

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Getting into Charlotte

Public transportation and taxi options


You can easily catch a cab from the airport, from outside the lower level of the main passenger terminal. Official airport companies are City Cab, Crown Cab and Yellow Cab. Uber is also available at CLT. The journey to downtown Charlotte takes approximately 20 minutes and costs USD 25.

Main Terminal, before security, Lower Level, outside airport


Charlotte’s bus system, CATS, provides an airport connector service. There are two routes: the 590 to Northlake and the 591 to Archdale. Buses run every 30 minutes from rougly 05:00 to midnight and cost around USD 3 each way.

Main Terminal, before security, outside in front of Zone D of Baggage Claim

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Free water

Water fountains available

There are water fountains available after security, with taps specifically for filling up water bottles. Most are located in the halls near the toilet facilities.

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Keep an eye on your gate

Boarding gates change often

Travellers consistently report that boarding gates are regularly changed, sometimes more than once for each flight. The departure display boards are sparse; be sure to note where the closest one is to where you’re sitting so you can keep an eye out for any changes. Alternatively keep an eye on the departures information on FLIO and refresh them regularily.

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Power charging options

Available on all concourses

Charging stations are available on all concourses.

  • Main Terminal, after security, Gates A6, B2, B10, C2, C10, C15, D13
  • Main Terminal, after security, beside the Carolina's NewsBeat on Concourse E
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Public viewing area

For aviation enthusiasts

Charlotte Douglas Airport is one of the few US airports with a public viewing area that allows visitors to watch planes take off, land, and taxi. The view from the picnic tables in the park is considered one of the best airport views in the country.

To get there, we recommend taking a taxi on a layover. It’s a six-minute drive and should cost around USD 10.

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