Lounges at Domodedovo International Airport

Moscow, Russian Federation (RU)

Popular lounges at Domodedovo International Airport

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Layover & relax

Discounted entry to Shostakovich Lounge

In Domestic Departures

The Shostakovich lounge is situated on the first floor of the domestic departures gallery opposite Exit № 46.

The lounge has a separate business zone and recreation space. Gourmet lovers will be offered a special menu with duck magret, Georgian style chicken, marbled beef steak with quail eggs, grilled dorado, rolls, sushi, sashimi a wide range of popular desserts, drinks and teas.

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Freshen up at Domodedovo

If you want a shower but don’t have the time for a lounge, you’ll find shower cabins on the left near the foyer before Arrivals. These are open twenty-two hours a day (closed 01.00 to 03.00), and cost RUB 350 per person per hour. This gets you a towel and a set of single-use shower accessories (shower gel, shampoo and single-use slippers). There’s also a blow-dry service charge of RUB 50. If you want a cabin for changing your clothes as well, that’s another RUB 50.

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Films and comfy seats

Movie Point

The MOVIE POINT DVD theatre is on Level 2, just opposite the Kodak and X-Toys stores. This service offers a 24-hour DVD movie theatre featuring one-, two- and four-seat boxes with TV sets, DVD players and headphones – and very cosy seats.

A film costs the equivalent of approximately EUR 5. You can choose from more than 200 different films, and order tea, coffee and soft drinks while watching.

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