Lounges at Düsseldorf International Airport

Düsseldorf, Germany (DE)

Popular lounges at Düsseldorf International Airport

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Layover & relax

Book your Daybed at Sheraton

For only € 86,00 between 9am-6pm

The Sheraton Düsseldorf Airport Hotel, located at the Terminal Ring (just step out of the Terminal), offers you a special deal and place to relax while you wait for your next departure.

Book now starting at € 86 per night in a Day Use Room.  

Relax in our day use rooms. Have a few hours to spare? Looking for a quiet place to relax or take a shower between flights? The Sheraton Düsseldorf Airport Hotel has the perfect solution to those airport blues: DAY USE rates!

Only available between 8 am and 6 pm. No overnight stay. Free cancellation until 6 pm of prior day

Simply unlock the offer below and present your FLIO code at the front desk.

For reservations please dial: 00800325353

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In lounges only

The only shower options in Düsseldorf airports can be found in the following lounges. Access may be restricted. 

  • Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Terminal C, after security, level 2. It is not open to the public.
  • Emirates Lounge, Terminal C, after security, level 2. It is not open to the public.
  • Open Sky Lounge, Terminal C, after security, level 2
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Comfortable resting areas

Get a few hours of rest

There is a comfortable relaxing area to get away from the huzzle and buzzle of the airport. It’s quieter up there than in the galleries and there’s nothing going on from 23:00-5:00.

After security, floor 3, near the observation desk

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Dayuse.com, a hotel room for the day

up to 75% off the price of an overnight stay

Whether it’s a long layover, a flight delay, or just the will to enjoy the infrastructure of a beautiful hotel, Dayuse.com invites you to book a day stay at one of our hotels located in the immediate proximity of the airport.

How does it work:

1/ Review the hotels available around the airport & the services they offer (spa, swimming pool, fitness, restaurant, and so on)
2/ Check their time slot availabilities (arrival & departure time within one day)
3/ Book your hotel and receive your confirmation
4/ Pay only at the check in
5/ Cancel at no cost until last minute


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Airport tours

Entertainment for your layover

If you have some layover time to fill, take an airport tour lasting around two hours. The ticket includes free entrance to the observation terrace and use of the SkyTrain. Cost: EUR 9.50 adults, EUR 6 children (5-15 yrs)

Arrivals, Pier C, before security, meeting point 50m to the left of Exit H
Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00, 11:30, 14:30, 17:00; Sat 10:30, 13:00

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