Delta Air Lines (DL) Flight Tracking

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DL is the abbreviation used for Delta Air Lines. All flights associated with Delta Air Lines can be found with the “DL” signature on flight timetables and within our FLIO app.

To whom does the DL flight number belong?

If you see a flight indicated by DL, this flight is run by Delta Air Lines. It is then followed by numbers that indicate the specific routing, to and from a destination pair. So, in order to track a Delta Air Lines flight, you need to know both the lettered abbreviation as well as the numbers. Pleases note that this number does not necessarily also mean that the flight is actually flown by Delta Air Lines: due to the existence of code sharing and alliances, various airlines can share a specific flight routing.

What are popular destinations for the DL flight number?

Delta Air Lines is one of the major airlines in the US, with its primary hub at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is one of the five remaining legacy carriers (the sixth-oldest operating airline by foundation date), and the oldest airline to still be operating in the United States. Overall this airline is the second largest worldwide, PAX in 2016, serving more than 320 destinations worldwide.

Which airports are served by a Delta Air Lines flight number?  

You can see the flight details in FLIO by inserting both the letter abbreviation DL as well as the numerical code for the destination pair into our app. In general, each number is unique and consistent over time, so in connection with the date, you can then obtain updates for your personal flight and track if it is on time or delayed.

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Popular flight numbers of Delta Air Lines

DL 107, DL 15, DL 87, DL 106, DL 74, DL 82, DL 90, DL 72, DL 91, DL 130, DL 75, DL 57, DL 135, DL 14, DL 408, DL 46, DL 105, DL 134, DL 200, DL 339

Frequently approached airports of Delta Air Lines

The last 10 flight numbers of Delta Air Lines

DL 5341, DL 1366, DL 1366, DL 1635, DL 605, DL 1065, DL 1329, DL 56, DL 2007, DL 1205