George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport - IAH

Houston, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

5 terminals

The George Bush International Airport lies around 37km from downtown Houston, Texas. The airport consists of five terminals:

  • Terminal A: Divided into North and South Concourses, with 10 gates in each. Hosts all non-United domestic and Canada flights and some United Express flights.
  • Terminal B: With 37 gates. Handles all United Express flights, except international arrivals.
  • Terminal C: With 31 gates. The main base for United Airlines domestic operations.
  • Terminal D: International terminal, with 12 gates. Handles all non-United international flights except United Express international arrivals.
  • Terminal E: The newest Terminal, with 30 gates. It serves all United international flights and some domestic flights.
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Getting into Houston

Bus, taxi or rideshare

There is no train into Houston, and we recommend taking the bus over a taxi as they run frequently and are a lot more affordable.


METRO Bus 102 takes you straight to downtown Houston in around one hour. The bus terminates at the Downtown Transit Center at Gray and La Branch. Buses run from 05:04-00:34 every 15 minutes at peak times and every 30 minutes at off-peak times. Find information and schedules here.

Location: South side of Terminal C, arrivals, baggage claim level
Cost: USD 1.25
Buying tickets: On the bus in cash (only with exact change)


All destinations from the airport are charged according to the flat zone rate or the meter rate, whichever is less. The journey time is about 20 minutes. A surcharge of USD 2.75 applies for a departure fee, and an additional surcharge of USD 1.00 applies for late-night trips between 20:00-06:00.

South side of Terminal A, before security, arrivals, Door A-115
South side of Terminal B, before security, arrivals, Door B-103
South side of Terminal C, before security, arrivals, Door C-106
West side of Terminal E, before security, arrivals, Door E-102
USD 53 to downtown Houston, USD 60 to Galleria/Medical Center area, USD 105 to NASA Space Center

To cut transportation costs, you may want to use rideshare options such as Uber, Lyft, Wingz or Get Me. Ridesharing options at the airport are marked as "Transportation Network Company". 

South side of Terminal A, before security, arrivals, Door A-115
South side of Terminal B, before security, arrivals, Door B-103
South side of Terminal C, before security, arrivals, Door C-106
West side of Terminal E, before security, arrivals, Door E-102

Airport shuttle

An airport shuttle can save you money and these are available from a variety of companies. For example, Express Shuttle USA (713) 523-8888 takes you to downtown Houston for USD 23.

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OneStop Lanes

For travellers with no checked luggage

If you’re an international arrival with carry-on bags only, you can proceed to one of four CBP OneStop lanes in the passport control processing area. You will have all inspections in one location so you can get through faster. There is no membership or registration required—any international passenger or crew member with no checked luggage should follow the signs to the designated lanes.

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Shoe shine

In Terminals B, C, E

You can get your shoes shined in the following locations:

Terminal B, airside, near gates B76-83
Terminal C North, airside, near gates 14-23
Terminal C South, airside, near gates 43-45
Terminal E, airside, near gates E10-11

Cost are about USD 4.00.

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Automated Passport Control Kiosks

For Canadian and U.S. Citizens

To get through security and border control faster, U.S. and Canadian citizens can use one of the 20 self-service kiosks in every terminal with international flights. You will enter your information on a touch-screen kiosk and have your photo taken to be processed by a Customs and Border Patrol official. This is a free service and no pre-registration required.

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Power outlets

Charge your devices for free

There are many places to charge your devices throughout the airport. Normal power outlets are located near most of the departure gates.

Rapid Charger Machines will charge your electronics quickly for a fee throughout Terminals A, B, and C.

There are also free Samsung power stations throughout each terminal. 

  • Terminal A, North, near Gates 8-15
  • Terminal A, South, near Gates A25-30 and A17-24
  • Terminal B, near Gates B62 and B66, Gates B76-83 and Gates B84-91
  • Terminal C, North, near Gates C14-C23 and Gates C24-27
  • Terminal C, South, near Gates C29-33 and near Gates C34-42
  • Terminal D, near Gates D7-8, Gates D 9-12 
  • Terminal E, near Gate E1 and Gates E2, 3, 8 and 9, Gates E4, 5, 6 and 7, Gates E10-11, Gates E12-14, Gates E15, 16, 21 and 22, Gates E17, 18, 19 and 20 and Gates E23 and 24
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Nursery for New Parents

Terminals B and D

There are two private rooms with rocking chairs and cribs intended for parents and their babies, as well as nursing mothers.

The nursery in Terminal B is located near Gates 84-91 on the Mezzanine Level—use the stairs next to Sue Venir.
The Terminal D nursery is located near Gates D7-8.

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Massage chairs

Terminal A, B, C

You'll find coin-operated massage chairs in the following locations:

Terminal A: In the ticketing lobby, in the food court area (North), and near gates A26-27 (South)
Terminal B: Near gates 60-67, 68-75, 76-83 and 84-91.
Terminal C: Near gates C14-23 (North).

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Travelling between terminals

A free Skyway and an underground Subway

Before security: The underground Subway train runs every day from 03:30-00:30. Travel time is approximately 3 minutes.
After security: An automated people mover, Skyway, runs regularly throughout the day. Travel time from Terminal A to Terminal D/E is 4 minutes and 15 seconds. 

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