Lounges at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul, Turkey (TR)

Popular lounges at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

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Layover & relax

TAV Airport Hotel

A good place for a nap

If you want to get some sleep before a flight we recommend making your way to the TAV Airport Hotel, the only hotel inside the airport – accessible before and after security. Before security, you can only stay overnight, but after security, you can relax for periods of as little as three hours. You'll have internet access, a music system, minibar and screens showing flight details. You can also choose a Deluxe room for extra comfort. There are also three meeting rooms and the Sky Restaurant, a very good eating option at the airport.

Location: International Terminal, before security (near VIP Lounge) and after security
Cost: Before security: from EUR 108 for an overnight stay in a single room. After security: from EUR 95 for up to 3 hours or EUR 110 in a double room, rising to EUR 195 single or EUR 220 double for 15-24 hours
Tip: if you're transferring between an international and domestic flight or vice versa, you can't access the hotel.

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TAV Gallery

Airport art while you wait

If you’d like to kill some time by seeing a bit more of Turkish culture we recommend visiting the TAV Gallery to check out the artwork on display. Exhibitions change regularly and are often produced by local students and artists.

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