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An airport lounge is a facility at an airport that offers additional amenities to passengers. Typical lounge features include quiet environments, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, power outlets, meeting and business rooms, showers, smoking lounges, periodicals and TV, and drinks or snacks.

Airport lounges can be found at many - but not all - airports. Many lounges are run by airlines, others are run by airports or independent service companies. Airport lounges run by airlines may even be able to help you with changes to your booking such as changing reservations or seat assignments or checking on upgrades. Access to an airport lounge is usually restricted to either a status in a frequent flyer program, a class of ticket or simply by pay-per-use or annual entrance fees. In the US, some high-end credit cards or banks offer lounge access to associated airline lounges or other lounge networks. 

Fun fact: The first airport lounge was opened in 1939 at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, USA.

How much is the entrance fee for lounges?

There is no one entrance fee for airport lounges. Lounges that are open to all travelers apply their own pay-per-use or annual entrance fees. In many lounges, children under the age of 6 have free access with an accompanying adult. Other lounges restrict their access to a status in a frequent flyer program or a certain booking grade and are not accessible to other passengers. Some airlines do allow to bring one guest, others restrict access to the one passenger only.

To have an overview of lounge access fees at your airport, check beforehand with your airline or airport. 

What are VIP Lounges or Priority Pass Lounges? 

Just like any other lounge, VIP Lounges are lounges to relax or work in. They may offer nicer facilities, more service or a better selection of food and drinks. VIP Lounges may be accessible to only a selected group of travelers, others may give access for a fee.

Priority Pass Lounges are lounges of an independent program. This program offers access to selected airline lounges for an annual fee. So even if you do not qualify for access on the basis of your ticket class, you can relax in these lounges if you are a member.

What are the advantages of lounges?

While all airport lounge facilities and amenities vary, airport lounges always have one thing in common: they offer a place to retreat to in the hustle and bustle of an airport. Here you can relax in comfortable reclining chairs, make use of a nab cabin or sit down and get some work done in a tranquil environment. Take advantage of business services such as PC usage with internet access, printing facilities or meeting rooms.

Lounges usually offer a selection of local or international periodicals, TV screens and free WiFi. If available, you may even be able to freshen up in the lounge’s shower facilities, smoke in dedicated smoker’s rooms or make use of their private washrooms. Complimentary hot and cold beverages are usually available, and alcoholic beverages in some cases. Depending on the time of day, you can also enjoy hot or cold snacks or whole meals. Most importantly, you can remain up-to-date on your flight thanks to the real-time flight information displayed at screens in lounges. 

In airline-affiliated lounges, the staff usually has access to the airline’s reservation system meaning they can verify your connections, change reservations or seat assignments and check for potential upgrades. A big help as queues at busy "customer-service" counters are often long.

Does every airline have a lounge?

Not all airlines have airport lounges and even if they do have lounges they don’t have them at all airports. Besides airline lounges, you can find independent airport lounges such as Plaza Premium Lounges, Servisair Lounges, No. 1 Lounges, or Aspire Lounges.

Airport lounges with FLIO - how does it work?

Do you want to relax in a lounge on your next trip? Are you interested in knowing if there are any airlines, Priority Pass, or any other independent lounges available? Are you wondering if you would qualify for access or if you can buy access to a specific lounge? FLIO will tell you all you need to know with its fast and easy lounge booking system.

To book lounges with FLIO, open the app and choose the airport you are going to. Here you will find detailed information on all lounges available at your airport and all the amenities offered such as complimentary snacks/meals and drinks, free Wi-Fi, or magazines and international newspapers. Within 60 seconds, you can even book your lounge access within the app: to do so, just pick the date and time as well as the number of travelers and proceed to pay your entrance fee by PayPal or credit card. You will get an immediate confirmation to show at the lounge’s reception upon entry. You can book your lounge access well ahead or even spontaneously at the airport. 

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