Lounges at Munich Airport

Munich München, Germany (DE)

Popular lounges at Munich Airport

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Layover & relax

Relax or work in peace

Free Recreation Areas

Munich Airport’s Recreation Areas are divided into relaxation and working zones, the areas are free to use and open to all passengers.

The relaxation sections feature comfortable reclining seats and couches for reading and resting, Napcabs (rest areas) and monitors to keep you up-to-date with the very latest flight information. Special lighting effects and decorative plants are designed to create a calm atmosphere.

The working areas, meanwhile, offer business stations with desks, chairs, free internet points and power outlets for charging up your laptop, phone or tablet.

Terminal 2, after security, level 4, close to Gates G15/G16
Terminal 2, after security, level 4, close to Gates G43/G44
Terminal 2, after security, level 5, between Gates H32 and H33
Terminal 2 Satellite, after security, level 4, Gates K
Terminal 2 Satellite, after security, level 4, Gates L
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

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Great place for a snooze

Napcabs in Terminal 2

If you’re on a layover and need a few hours' sleep, a Napcab is the perfect thing. These private pods have a comfortable and spacious bed to let you get some sleep or just relax with music until departure time. They’re also set up for working, with Wifi, an iPhone or MP3 connection, USB port and desk.

Napcabs also offer the latest flight information, a wake-up function, and a place to securely store carry-on luggage. After checking out of a Napcab, you’re charged a rate based on the duration of the stay, calculated to the minute. Minimum stay is 2 hours.

Cost: EUR 15/hr from 06:00-22:00, EUR 10/hr from 22:00-06:00; credit card only
Terminal 2, after security, Level 4, Gate G06
Terminal 2, after security, Level 5, Gate H32 (look for the ‘Relax and Work’ sign)
Terminal 2 Satellite, after security, Level 5, Gate L01
Terminal 2, before security, arrivals, level 3
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

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5. European Championship “stationary wave riding”

14. – 16.August at Airport Munich (MAC-Forum between Terminal 1 and 2)

The Airport cannot grant access to the wavearea during the contest on saturday and sunday (except for riders and their plus 1). Access to the tribune is free and offers the best view of the wave. Additionally you can follow the contest live on the huge display screen of the MAC forum, which is also perfectly visible from the grandstand.

We are looking forward to high levels of attendance. Several hosts and DJ´S will guide you through this sporting event and provide good vibes throughout the entire weekend.

Between the last final and the award ceremony (approximately 4 p.m.) the dutch surfband Piñata will be playing live for all riders and visitors.

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