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Parking at airports helps to make your journey less troublesome and more enjoyable. There are several types of airport parking such as short-term parking, daily parking, valet parking and long-term parking. Short-term parking lots are close to the terminals and are designed for people who are either picking up or dropping off passengers and won’t be staying long at the airport. Daily parking lots are generally close to the airport terminal and are meant for short trips of up to a week. Valet parking is the most convenient type of airport parking, but also the most expensive option. You stop at the valet parking spot and have your car parked. Long-term parking lots are generally further away from the airport grounds and are meant for travelers that are going on longer trips. The type of parking that you choose ultimately depends on the length of your trip, your budget or how conveniently you’d like to travel.

Is it cheap to park at the airport?

Parking at airports can be very expensive, especially if the planned business trip or holiday is for an extended period of time and, surprisingly enough, even though this a wide-known fact, most travelers don’t plan ahead when it comes to car parking arrangements at the airport. The truth is, just like buying flight tickets, the closer the date to your planned trip, the more expensive it will be to book parking at the airport and vice versa, the longer ahead you plan your car stay at the airport, the cheaper the parking prices. Some fliers opt for parking at the airport out of convenience and ease of access, while others choose to park their car outside the airport grounds to avoid high parking costs. 

How expensive are parking spaces on average?

The price of parking spaces highly depends on the length of the stay, the airport itself and the location of the parking lot. Parking prices at some of the busiest airports worldwide have decreased with time due to an increase in demand, whereas at other busy airports, the price inflates each year. In the United States, parking spaces at the airport can cost on average USD 17-70 per day for short-term parking and USD 6-39 per day for long-term parking. Regardless of whether you decide to park your car inside or outside of the airport, you can get guaranteed great parking prices with FLIO, the global airport app.

Finding parking space with FLIO - how does it work?

For most voyagers, having the option to park your car in pre-booked parking grounds upon arrival at the airport already relieves some of the stress that comes with the whole flying experience. That is why FLIO offers travelers the unique opportunity to perform exclusive in-app purchases of services, such as airport parking, through a booking system that allows travelers to save precious time and money before even entering the airport.

By registering in the app, you can easily book parking spaces and purchase parking tickets at the airport with one click by selecting the start/end dates, number of passengers, choosing the parking lot that best suits their needs and simply scanning the QR voucher code upon arrival at the airport. Consequently, you are able to get ready for your flight before arriving at the airport without having to worry about finding parking spaces or paying for staggering parking prices.

In addition to providing a practical and easy way to book airport parking and make all the necessary parking arrangements with the least effort possible in advance, FLIO users can also compare parking prices and even get discounts at some of the busiest airports worldwide by having the option to park close to the airport at guaranteed great prices or park a bit further away from the airport for cheaper parking prices.

Either way, with FLIO, you will never have to worry again about the struggle of finding parking spaces at the airport or paying for overpriced airport parking prices.

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