Lounges at Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Seattle, United States of America (US)

Popular lounges at Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Buy access to The Club at SEA

South Satellite. Mezzanine Level, next to Gate S9.

This comfortable oasis welcomes you to relaxation central before your flight. A quiet, spacious, and bright location offering magnificently unbeatable runway views and a wide selection of beverages. Whether you’re looking to get a bit of work done, watch the time fly by, or slip in a quick nap, you’ve found the perfect airport escape. NOTE: Children under 12 years old are admitted free with an adult. Access for those with lounge memberships like Priority Pass may be restricted between 10:00 - 14:00 daily due to space constraints. Passengers can access The Club at SEA in Concourse A during these hours but please allow sufficient time to return to the Departure Gate.
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Buy access to The Club at SEA

Concourse A. Across from Gate A11.

Immerse yourself in a quiet, welcoming oasis before your departure. Whatever your needs, this exclusive space has loads to offer. Enjoy a cocktail, attend to business matters, or take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere. Curl up with a good book or fall into a light slumber. Enjoy spectacular views while indulging in the complimentary bar service. Conveniently located in Concourse A, less than 5 minutes away from Concourse B. NOTE: Children under 12 years old are admitted free with an adult.
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Layover & relax

Contemporary art and music

Seattle culture

If you have some time to spare, be sure to walk around the terminals. The Seattle-Tacoma airport offers a diverse art collection, including glass, sculpture, photography, and painting pieces. Local music is also highlighted in the airport’s Experience the City of Music program, which streams music on airport speakers and provides live performances in a different location every day.

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Delta Airlines SkyClub Lounge

If you fancy a shower after a long flight, there are facilities available at the Delta Airlines SkyClub Lounge. Day access can be purchased at the door for USD50.

South Satellite building, airside, between Gate S8 and S9
Hours: 05:00-00:30

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DoubleTree Hotel

With airport shuttle

There are no airport hotels at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport but the DoubleTree Hotel offers a complimentary airport shuttle 24-hours a day. With meeting rooms, a pool, two fitness centres, and easy access to downtown Seattle, it’s from USD 149 per night. 

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