Tokyo Haneda International Airport - HND

Tokyo, Japan (JP)

Getting around the airport

Three terminals, an underground walkway and free shuttle buses

Tokyo-Haneda Airport lies 14km south of Tokyo Central Station and is one of the two primary airports serving the city (the other being Narita, which is larger but further away from the city). It handles mainly domestic flights and some international ones.

The airport has three passenger terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 for domestic flights, and a smaller international terminal, located further away:

  • Terminal 1: The biggest terminal, with eight floors - B1F (basement) with Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Line train stations, 1F for Arrivals, 2F for Departures, floors 2F-6F for restaurants and shops, RF with an observation deck. 
  • Terminal 2: Has six shopping levels and a similar layout to Terminal 1. Contains an open-air restaurant and the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.
  • International terminal: Has five levels - 1F with an entrance plaza, bus platforms and gates, 2F with Arrivals, 3F with Departures, 4F with restaurants and the Tiat Sky Hall, 5F with food and drink shops, observation deck and lounges. Contains the Royal Park Hotel The Haneda - one part of which is airside, so you can stay there while en route somewhere else without passing through immigration.
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Getting into Tokyo

Train is easiest

Haneda Airport is nearer to Tokyo than Narita, and getting in by rail is the fastest, most convenient option.


There are two rail lines running from the airport - both of which will take you into the city within 30 minutes, but require a transfer onto the metro lines. Beware though, they stop running fairly early, so a taxi may be your only option:

  • The Tokyo Monorail takes you to Hamamatsucho Station in 20 minutes (5 minutes from Tokyo Station), from 05:12-00:10. It connects to the Yamanote Line for other stations in Tokyo, the Keihin Tohoku Line to Saitama or Narita Airport (on the Narita Express, Airport Narita or Sobu Line (Rapid)). 

Location: Stations in domestic terminals (basement of Terminals 1 and 2) and in the International Terminal (third floor)
Cost: JPY 490 to Hamamatsucho 
Operating hours: 09:00-19:00 Mon-Fri and 09:00-17:00 Sat and Sun

  • The Keikyu Line takes you to Shinagawa Station in 11 minutes and 20 minutes to Tokyo Station. It connects to the Toei Asakusa Line, for stations in east Tokyo, as well as the Keisei Oshiage and Kesei Main Lines, for travel to Narita Airport. 

Location: Stations in domestic terminals (basement of Terminals 1 and 2) and in the International Terminal (third floor)
Cost: JPY 410 to Shinagawa and JPY 580 to Tokyo Station
Operating hours:  07:30-21:00 Mon-Fri and 09:00-17:00 Sat and Sun


Limousine buses take you directly to Tokyo Station in 25-35 minutes and run every 30 to 60 minutes from 04:30-01:00.

Cost: JPY 930


Many international flights arrive or leave very early in the morning when trains have stopped running. Although there are some airport buses running late at night, a taxi may be the easier option. As they are expensive, though, it may be worth your while to stay in or near the airport overnight.

Location: Outside the terminals on the first level
Fixed fare of JPY 5,900 from the Airport to Tokyo Station (plus night surcharge of around 20% between 22:00-05:00)

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Terminal hours

Closed from midnight

Terminal hours are generally from 4:45 to 24:00 hours. However, the departure and arrival lobby close after the last flight. While the domestic terminal is actually closed from midnight the latest, you can stay overnight in the international terminal.

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Showers Available

At the Arrival Lobby

There are 15 shower rooms available 24 hours a day at Haneda airport, on the second floor of the international terminal arrivals lobby, opposite Gate 110. The rates start at JPY 1,030 (USD 8.00) for 30 minutes and JPY 520 (USD 4.00) for every 15 minutes thereafter. Towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a hairdryer are included.

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Luggage Storage and Lockers

Limited opening hours

Luggage storage places can be found:

Terminal 1: Landside, B1F (hours: 6:00 -22:30) 
Terminal 2: Landside, B1F (hours: 6:00-22:30)

Coin operated lockers are located in Terminal 2, 2F and 3F. 
Be aware that lockers are charged by the day and not 24 hrs after depositing your bag. So if you leave your bag in the locker after midnight, the fee doubles.

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Planetarium at the airport

With café

Haneda Airport is the only airport in the world that houses its own Planetarium. Get closer to the stars, enjoy some coffee and snacks under a dome of 40 million stars.

International Terminal, floor 5, landside
Hours: 07:00-23:00 daily

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Clinic and dentist

Available in both terminals

Tokyo International Airport Clinic
Terminal 1, 1F at the center of the building, next to the Post Office

Toho University Haneda Airport Clinic
Terminal 2, 1F across from Meeting Point 2

Terminal 1, 1F in the center of the building next to the post office

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Pocket Wi-Fi

Internet access while in Japan

Rent a pocket Wi-Fi device which you can carry with you on your trip to access the internet. If you’re arriving on a late flight after the shops have closed, have the device delivered to your hotel. There is free Wi-Fi at the airport that will cover you until you arrive at your accommodation. We recommend PuPuRu which starts at JPY 600 (USD 5.00 per day).

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Arrivals and departures at unsocial hours

Airport Hotel Stay

Haneda Airport is known for flight arrivals and departures outside of public transportation’s operating hours. If you arrive on a late flight or need to catch an early flight, be aware that there are no trains between midnight and 05:00. Limousine buses operate after midnight, but they also incur a night surcharge.

Book a stay at the Royal Park Hotel, located in the International Departures area past Gate 114. There is a transit zone for layover passengers and comfortable rooms to sleep in before an early morning flight or continuing your journey in the morning after a late arrival. An overnight stay at the hotel starts at JPY 16,500 (USD 135), including tax and a service charge.

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Travelling between terminals

Walk between T1 and T2 or free bus to International Terminal

Domestic Terminals 1 and 2 are connected by an underground walkway. To go to the International Terminal, you'll need to take a free shuttle bus, running every four minutes from 04:48-24:00. It leaves from Bus Stop 8 at Terminal 1, Bus Stop 9 at Terminal 2 and Bus Stop 0 and the International Terminal.

Tip: You can also take the train lines for free from the International Terminal to domestic Terminals 1 and 2 if you're transferring to another flight. Go to the Information Counter on the second floor of Arrivals when you arrive.

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