Lounges at Vienna International Airport

Vienna, Austria (AT)

Popular lounges at Vienna International Airport

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Layover & relax

The Red Lounge

Business Plaza

To get to the Red Lounge (a.k.a. the Business Plaza or Frequent Traveller Lounge), walk to the middle of the shopping centre, where you are supposed to take the lift opposite the restaurant Air Quick. Lift unbelievably slow, so take the spiral stairs, and the lounge desk is just behind the entrance to an Irish pub, The Dubliner.

The lounge is split into two parts, joined by a long green corridor: most people stay in the small room at the rear of the main arrivals desk. To get to the much nicer part of the lounge, though, turn around at the front desk and walk through the green curtained door marked ‘Relax Area & Panoramic View’. Then turn right, and you’ll enter a large room with a long bar and vast floor-to-ceiling windows offering an amazing view of the runway and blue lounge chairs great for a short nap.

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Best places for relaxing

Quiet and comfortable

Gate F 30 after security: it has large, comfortable couches to sleep on, and smaller seats with plugs for your laptop or phone. There are two smoking areas (glass boxes) at F 32 next door if you’re a smoker, and clean bathrooms nearby. 

Gate G, after security: with almost bed-size couches, Wi-Fi and power outlets to recharge your own batteries and those of your phone or laptop, this is also perfect for a layover. Only cons: announcements are loud and the lights aren’t dimmed. 

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Observation deck

Fun way to kill a few hours

At 306 meters in length and some 21 meters off the ground, the Vienna Airport observation terrace offers a breathtaking view of the tarmac. There are nice benches so you can sit down, old-school binoculars and information about flying. This view is particularly good in the mornings and impressive at sunset. 

Cost: EUR 3 adults, EUR 1 children (under 16)
Hours: 10:00-20:00daily, 8:00-22:00 from March-September

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Available in lounges

There are no public showers available at Vienna airport. Showers are available at these lounges (from EUR 29.90 entrance fee): 

JetLounge Schengen

Plaza, after security, directly after boarding pass check 2, next to gates A, across from Swarovski shop 
Hours: 05:00-22:30 daily

Sky Lounge Schengen

Terminal 3, after security, Level 2, near gates D
Hours: 05:00-22:30 daily

Sky Lounge Non-Schengen

Terminal 3, after security, Level 2 
Hours: 05:00-22:30 daily

Air Lounge Non-SchengenTerminal 3, after security, Level 2

Hours: 05:00-22:30 daily

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