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Shanghai, China (CN)

Getting around the airport

Two terminals connected by a free shuttle bus

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the main international airport serving the city (the other, serving mainly domestic flights, is Shanghai Hongqiao). It lies along the coast, around 30km east of the city. 

The airport has two almost mirror-image terminal buildings facing each other, with a train station, car parking and shuttle bus route in between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

  • Terminal 1: Divided into an international area on the left (Gates 17-29), and a domestic area on the right (Gates 15-1) as you enter the building. Level 1 is Arrivals with baggage claim, Level 2 is Departures, check-in counters A, B, C, G, H and J and the VIP Sakura Lounge (between gates 18 and 19), while Level 3 houses check-in counters A-M, customs, immigration and security.
  • Terminal 2: The slightly larger terminal, mainly serving flights from Air China and Star Alliance members. Level 1 is Departures and Arrivals (easy for transfer passengers), Level 2 houses other domestic and international arrivals, Concourse D (between the two levels) houses boarding gates, and the 'Transfer Level' houses a 3-star, hourly use hotel)  

Travelling between terminals

A free shuttle bus runs between the terminals every 10 minutes, taking five minutes. You can take the bus from Terminal 1, Exit 1 of the domestic departures and Exit 8 of the international departures level, and Terminal 2, Exit 23 of international departures and Exit 27 of domestic departures.

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Getting into Shanghai

Maglev train is fastest

With such a comfortable, fast and yet inexpensive rail service available, it makes sense to use it. Note that if you're transferring to Honqiao Airport, it's best to allow five hours' transfer time to take into account traffic and transport changes. 

Maglev train

The high-speed Maglev (magnetic levitation) train gets you to Longyang Road station in the city centre in just eight minutes - travelling at speeds of up to 431km/h. There, you can change to Metro Lines 2, 7 and 16. 

Location: Train station between Terminals 1 and 2
Cost: CNY 50 one-way, CNY 80 round-trip (within 7 days) to Longyang Road Metro station
Operating hours: 07:02-21:42 daily, every 15-20 minutes


To save money, you can also take the Metro Line 2 from the airport to Longyang Road, Lujiazui, People's Square and Hongquiao International Airport. Your journey will be considerably longer, though, with a journey to People's Square taking around one hour.

Tip: If you’re travelling with a bag on the Metro you'll be asked to put it through an X-ray scanner. To get through more quickly, just open it and show the contents to the guard on duty. Of course, this may not be possible with large pieces of luggage, in which case, you may prefer to take a taxi.

Location: Train station between Terminals 1 and 2
CNY 6 to Longyang Road, CNY 7 to People's Square
Operating hours: 06:00-22:00 daily, every 8-10 minutes

Airport Bus

There are eight different buses which depart from the airport and go to various destinations within Shanghai. 

Bus Route 1: To Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station via Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Bus Route 2: To Jing'an Temple (City Terminal Hub)
Bus Route 4: To Hongkou Stadium Hub (Huayuan Road), via Deping Road at Pudong Avenue, Wujiaochang and Dabaishu
Bus Route 5: To Shanghai Railway Station, via Longyang Road Metro Station, Century Avenue at South Pudong Road (Lujiazui) and East Yan'an Road at Middle Zhejiang Road (People's Square)
Bus Route 7: To Shanghai South Railway Station, via West Huaxia Road at Shangnan Road and East Huaxia Road at Chuansha Road (Chuansha)
Bus Route 8: To Nanhui Coach & Bus Station
Bus Route 9: To Xinzhuang Metro Station

Location: Arrivals area of Terminal 1 and 2
Operating hours: 07:00-23:00 daily


If you’re carrying a lot of luggage or don’t feel like squeezing yourself onto the Metro, a taxi from the airport is the most convenient way to travel. A taxi to the People’s Square takes around 45-60 minutes. Be sure to grab a taxi from the ranks outside the terminals (they're separated according to their destinations), rather than a driver who approaches you, as it's likely they'll overcharge you.

Tip: It's best to have your destination and nearby landmarks written in Chinese – the Information Desk will help you with this.

Cost: Around CNY 160-200 to People's Square (rates increase by about 35% from 23:00-05:00)

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No transit visa needed

New 144-hour stopover visa

If you’re from one of these countries, you no longer need to get a visa in advance for trips less than 144 hours. Print out the details of your connecting flight and fill in an Arrival Form to enjoy visa-free travel for 144 hours in China. Other cities offer visas on arrival, for a fee, but this service is offered free to facilitate the travel of international visitors. Be aware that you must fly out of the same airport you flew into.

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Long queues at passport control

Plan extra time for long waits

Terminal 2 at Shanghai airport is always busy, which means there are extensive queues. Generally there are only 3-4 officers processing passengers so you’ll certainly want to allow sufficient time to get through – unless your flight is delayed, of course!

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Flights are often delayed

Service disruptions

If you can rely on one thing at Shanghai airport, it’s that the flights are likely going to be delayed. Military intervention often affects flight times so be sure to keep an eye on your flight status. Additionally, gates can change without notice and may result in a dash across the airport to board on time.

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SIM card trick

It’s not free!

Well-dressed “staff” may approach you in the airport to sell you a SIM card so you can access the Wi-Fi network. They will say the card is free and then tell you that you must pay for data. It is unlikely that the card will work in your phone. If you need to buy a SIM card go to one of the shops in the airport instead.

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A four-hour tour of Shanghai

See the city on a short layover

With Shanghai’s 72-hour transit visa, you can get out of the airport and see the city. Explore the leafy Fuxing Park and the tree-lined streets of the French Concession. Take a taxi north to the Jade Buddha Temple where you’ll see robed monks and beautiful architecture. Finish off with some shopping in Xintiandi and a meal at Crystal Jade, one of Shanghai’s best Cantonese restaurants.

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Business Centre

Near Gate 7

If you need to make photocopies, long distance calls, or to use the Internet, head to Gate 7. The business centre will help you get all of your work done before boarding flight.

The centre is open from 6:00am to 11:30pm.

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Exchanging currency

Exorbitant commission fees

For money exchanges, wait until you’re at a hotel or a bank. The airport exchange offices charge hefty commissions, up to RMB 60 per exchange. Cash points at hotels allow you to exchange up to $400 of major currencies for just RMB 20.

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Terminal 1 and 2

Most lounges in Shanghai are named after the gate they're located next to. The majority of the lounges are located in international terminal 2.

Terminal 1

  • Golden Century Vip Lounge, Domestic, after security, near Gates 12-14. Opening hours: 07:30-21:30 daily
  • No. 9 VIP Lounge, airside, near gate 8 and 9 (06:00-last flight)
  • No.37 VIP Lounge, airside, near gate 18 and 19 (06:00-last flight)
  • No.18 Japan Airlines Lounge, airside, near gate 18

Terminal 2

  • Golden Century Vip Lounge (Gate C58), after security, near Gate C58. Opening hours: 07:30-09:30 daily.
  • Golden Century Vip Lounge (Gate C89), after security, near Gate C89. Opening hours: 07:30-09:30 daily.
  • No.77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge, airside, near gate 77 (06:00-last flight, open to the public, starting at RMB 300 for 2 hours)
  • No.76 VIP Lounge, Domestic, after security, turn right, the lounge is located opposite Gate 73. Opening hours: 06:00-22:00 daily.
  • No.66 VIP Lounge, airside, near gate 61 and 62 (07:00-19:30)
  • No.69 VIP Lounge, airside, near gate 69 and 71 (06:00-last flight)
  • No.73 VIP Lounge, airside, near gate 71 and 73 (06:00-last flight)
  • CSA Sky Pearl Club, Room 70 Domestic Departure Hall (06:00-last flight)
  • Dragonair and Cathay Pacific Lounge, airside, near gate 69 (06:00-20:50)
  • No. 78 Emirates Lounge, airside, near gate 78
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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Rental cars for international guests are not common in China. Driving requires a Chinese license which can be hard to get and traffic in China is often considered dangerous. Therefore there is no specific rental car center.

However there is a AVIS rental station in at the airport: Shanghai Pudong Intl Airport Terminal, Shanghai, 201202, CN (08:30-22:00 every day)

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On the way to the airport

It is quite common for people to stop at the Science & Technology Museum or People’s Park metro stops to pick up various items on their way to the airport. Both stations are on Line 2 (the same as the airport) and easy to navigate on foot with luggage. The shops have great options for authentic gifts and souvenirs.

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Shanghai Pudong Airport Museum


Head to the airport museum in the international departure terminal near Gate D90 to learn more about Shanghai’s cultural history. They exhibit art from both Shanghai and Europe, in an 'East to the West' theme that will provided a vivid cultural experience.

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Airport hotel

Ramada Plaza Shanghai Pudong Airport Hotel

The Ramada Airport hotel has been recently renovated and makes a good choice for a last-minute accommodation. Amenities certainly leave something to be desired but if you just need a place to rest between flights, the rooms are clean and the Wi-Fi is reliable and complimentary. Room rates start at RMB 950 per night.

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