Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport - XMN

Xiamen, China (CN)

Getting into the city

Buses or Taxi

Xiamen Gaoqi Airport is located about 10 km from downtown area. 


  • Line 1, Airport - Ferry Boat Dock, trip duration: around 40 minutes. Cost: CNY 15-20
  • Line 2, Airport - North Railway Station, trip duration: around 40 minutes. Cost: CNY 20-25
  • Line 3, Airport - Wutong Dock, trip duration: 20 minutes. Cost: CNY 15
  • Line 4, Airport - Wucun Bus Station, trip duration: 30 minutes. Cost: CNY 15. This bus station is about 400 meters away from Xiamen Railway Station.


Taxi stands are located outside the gate 7 of the arrival hall in terminal 3 and gate 3 of the arrival hall in terminal 4. A flat rate is CNY 8 for the first three kilometers and CNY 2 for each additional kilometer. If you need to go to other places such as Quanzhou and Shishi you can take local taxis. The long-distance taxis are located at the West Parking Lot.

Public Buses

You can take public buses N. 27, 37, 41, 81, 84 and 91. This is the cheapest way to get into the city. Cost: only CNY 1-3. 

Buses to nearby cities

  • Airport - Zhangzhou China Travel Agency Bus Terminal, trip duration: 80 minutes. Cost: CNY 30
  • Airport - Jinjiang, trip duration: 90 minutes. Cost: CNY 40
  • Airport - Zengcuoan Village, trip duration: 45 mintes. Cost: CNY 15
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Getting around the airport


Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is located on the northeast side of Xiamen Island, about 10 kilometres from the downtown area.

There are two terminals, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. The terminals have two floors, with arrivals on the lower level and departures on the upper level.

Terminal 3 serves international flights and
Terminal 4 is reserved for domestic flights. 

Free shuttles operate between terminals from Arrival Hall Gate 7 in Terminal 3 and Arrival Hall Gate 5 in Terminal 4. They operate every 20 minutes from 05:10-20:00 and every 30 minutes from 20:00-22:00. The transfer takes 10 minutes.

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  • Xiamenair Domestic First Class Lounge, domestic terminal 3, airside, next to gate 2. 
  • Domestic Guest Lounge, domestic terminal 3, airside, next to gate 6. Hours: 6:00-20:00 daily.
  • Golden Century Lounge, domestic terminal 4, next to security check poiny H. Hours: 5:30-22:00 daily.
  • Xiamenair Gaoqi First Class Lounge, domestic terminal 4, airside. Hours: 6:30-20:30 daily.
  • Xiamenair International First Class Lounge, international terminal, airside, next to gate 11.
  • No. 7 International First Class Lounge, international terminal 3,  airside, next to gate 17. Hours: 6:30-19:30 daily.
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Currency Exchange

Bureau de change

Terminal 3

  • departure hall, next to business center, near gate 12.
  • domestic terminal, airside.

Terminal 4

  • departure hall, next to gate 12
  • arrivals area
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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

  • Henghao, terminal 3, arrivals area. Hours: 9:00-21:00 daily.
  • Shenzhou, terminal 3, parking D2.
  • Avis, terminal 3, shopping street.
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You may find Spa services including massage armchairs, hair salon services at the airport.


  • terminal 3, international and domestic arrival hall
  • domestic departure hall, next to boarding gate 8
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Only in lounge

Showers are available only in the following lounge:

  • Xiamenair International First Class Lounge, international terminal, airside, next to gate 11.
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Luggage storage


  • terminal 3, arrivals area, baggage counter
  • terminal 4, arrivals area, luggage storage counter
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Buy access to Golden Century VIP Lounge

Terminal 4, Domestic. Entrance Door 8, opposite Security Checkpoint H.

Relax at the Golden Century VIP Lounge, away from the noise and chaos of the airport terminal. Catch up on some work with the complimentary Wi-Fi, or simply kick back and enjoy a snack or soft drink. NOTE: This lounge is only accessible for Terminal 4 Domestic passengers. NOTE: Children 12 years old and under are admitted free with an adult.
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