easyJet (U2) Flight Status

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Like all airlines, also easyJet flights can have a different status like delayed, cancelled or on time. Usually, the airline is trying to update you on the status of your flight directly in conjunction with the airport you are flying from.

What information is needed to get flight status on an easyJet flight?

To get a flight status on a easyJet flight you need to know the flight number, the airline abbreviation (EZ) as well as the date you are flying. Inserting this into tools like FLIO will allow you to receive real-time updates on the development of the flight.

EasyJet delays

The airline easyJet will be interested to inform you directly on anomalies surrounding your flight, especially delays can cause you to miss a connecting flight which then causes problems for the traveller and the airline, as they need to find space on a later flight. Depending on the length of the delay and reason for it you may even be eligible for a monetary payment on flights running from the EU.

EasyJet cancellations

Obviously, any airline and also easyJet will avoid flight cancellations, however bad weather and other force majeure reasons can cause a flight to be cancelled. To be updated on any flight status changes you should check tools like FLIO or the airport you are flying from to avoid unwanted surprises.

Status updates for easyJet flights

If you want to receive status updates for easyJet flights you can use the FLIO app to be always up to date on delays, gate changes as well as any modification or cancellations on your trip. Please note that FLIO is only providing status update information, you will need to resolve anomalies of a given flight directly with the airline or your travel agent.

Check-in for easyJet flights

To check in for easyJet flights, easyJet offers its passengers online and offline check-in. Please be aware that offline check-in may triger an additional cost with this low cost carrier. The number of pieces for hand luggage and baggage generally vary by status and also by the fare level of your ticket. We suggest to check-in online as early as possible to have the best choice of seats still available to choose from. Once done, do not forget to scan your boarding pass with FLIO, then you can relax and continue to check your flight status via our app.

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Top 3 flight numbers of easyJet

U2 882, U2 8883, U2 8347 - Track flight easyJet

All flight numbers of easyJet

U2 1363 GVANTE
U2 1364 NTEGVA
U2 1365 GVANTE
U2 1366 GVALYS
U2 1366 NTEGVA
U2 1367 GVANTE
U2 1368 NTEGVA
U2 1369 GVANCE
U2 1370 NCEGVA
U2 1371 GVABOD
U2 1372 BODGVA
U2 1373 GVABOD
U2 1374 BODGVA
U2 1375 GVABOD
U2 1376 BODGVA
U2 1377 GVANCE
U2 1377 MRSNCE
U2 1377 NCEMRS
U2 1378 NCEGVA
U2 1379 GVANCE
U2 1380 NCEGVA
U2 1381 GVANCE
U2 1381 NCEGVA
U2 1382 NCEGVA
U2 1382 GVANCE
U2 1383 GVANCE
U2 1384 NCEGVA
U2 1385 GVANCE
U2 1386 GVALYS
U2 1386 NCEGVA
U2 1387 GVANCE
U2 1388 NCEGVA
U2 1389 GVANCE
U2 1389 GVAORY

Top 3 airports serviced by easyJet