Best places to watch fireworks this New Year’s Eve

There are all kinds of New Year’s Eve parties out there – a quiet drinks and dinner affair, all-night rave parties, Disney-themed parties for families, elaborate costume themed cocktail dos and the list goes on. But for us at FLIO, none of these would be complete without a dazzling fireworks display. So we did all the work and rounded up the top 5 destinations where you and your loves ones could watch fireworks this New Year’s Eve.

1) Sydney, Australia

Be one of the first people on Earth to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Time-wise, Australia is one of the first countries in the world to ring in the New Year. And the best part? New Years festivities last about 3 days in the land down under. Sydney Harbour offers a magical view of the fireworks over the water.

Sydney New Years Fireworks Display
Photo: © David Carillet (Shutterstock, Inc.)

2) Moscow, Russia

Russian winters might reach -40 degrees Celsius, but nothing beats the cold like a shot of Vodka and the sight of shiny fireworks in one of the most iconic and historical Russian locations, the Red Square. We recommend heading to the famous town square for a crowded, but, epic experience.

3) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If there is one thing Dubai knows how to do right, it is to go all out. New Years celebrations in this man-made oasis can be enjoyed for free at Downtown Dubai, where the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, will be lit from head to toe in fireworks galore.

Dubai New Years Fireworks Display
Picture: © Shutterstock, Inc.

4) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pack your bikini because, in Rio, everyone welcomes the New Year at Copacabana Beach. After the fireworks are over, it’s a local tradition to hit the water and jump seven waves while making seven wishes.

5) Florida, United States

Florida has so much to offer this time of year. If celebrating by Miami Beach doesn’t entice you, head over to Walt Disney World for a magical New Year’s Eve experience. When the clock hits midnight, be prepared to be mesmerized as you watch the fireworks show from Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom.